How to Maintain and Care for Your Hair Clippers

Put simply, hairdressers use hair clippers to trim their subject’s hair, whether it be located on the subject’s head, around their ears or around their mouth. However, you don’t need to be a hairdresser to use them. It is easy to use hair clippers to give another person, or even yourself, an amateur haircut from home, and doing so can save a lot of money as well as time. However, to get the best cut possible, you must ensure you maintain your clippers correctly.

Firstly, you’ll need to wash your clippers’ adjusters. Run hot water from the tap into a sink and add soap. Place your clippers’ snap-on adjusters (the hair trimmer clips allowing the user to adjust what length the hairdresser will cut at) into the sink – the adjusters can become fairly dirty and grimy from extended use, and must be washed every now and then. Scrub the adjusters thoroughly using a cloth, then place them onto a towel and leave them to dry.

Next, clean out your clippers. You should never get water on your clippers, as this can both break your clippers and electrocute you. To clean the clippers, grab a brush for your hair clippers and clean out the hairs visible on the inside or the exterior of the clippers. Hair stuck inside hair clippers can cause a poor hair cut to result from their use. Once you are done cleaning out all the hair from your clippers, you will need to lubricate them.

If you have some lubricating oil, spray it in small amounts on to the clippers’ working mechanisms inside the area containing the blade. Ensure that you don’t spray very much into the clippers, as damage may result. Once you have oiled your clippers, replace the cover of the blade and screw it back on to the trimmer body.

Finally, put your sparkling clean clippers back into the container you use to store your clippers and you will soon be ready for your next haircut!

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