How to Cut Your Kid’s Hair With Hair Clippers

The hair of children grows incredibly fast, and taking your kids to the hairdresser each time they need a cut can become very expensive, very quickly. Cutting the hair of your children at home is a great way to save money and get similar results to what you would receive at a hair salon. Learning to use hair trimmers might take a bit of time, but once you’ve successfully mastered the easy technique of hair cutting, you will save a lot of time.

Firstly, tell your child to be seated on a chair. Grab a towel and wrap it around his or her shoulders to reduce the amount of hair that will enter your child’s clothing. Familiarize your child with the trimmer – show it to him or her and talk to your child about what you are about to do.

Next, grab a full spray bottle and wet your child’s hair with water. Ensure that your child’s hair is even right the way round his or her head by combing it straight.

Decide with your child how long you would prefer your child’s hair to be. If you plan on using hair trimmers to cut the hair of a boy, achieving a regular cut is easy when using either a half-inch or three-quarter inch attachment for your hair clippers. Place your trimmers on your child’s head and gradually move through the hair.

Similar attachments can be used to cut the hair of a girl. Trim your child’s hair with the clippers, guiding the clippers with your fingers. As soon as you have been successful in making the initial cut, arrange your girl’s hair in between your fingers such that both part of the hair you have already cut and some of your girl’s longer hair are resting in your hands.

Continue to cut your girl’s hair with the clippers, and when it is time to shape your girl’s face bangs, extend a length of the hair from the face and guide your trimmers through to achieve the length you need.

Finally, comb your child’s hair and look to see if you have missed anything during your first cut. If you like, trim a little bit more from your child’s head and clean up any stray hair. After that, dry your child’s hair and style it as usual.

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