How to Cut Long Hair Using Hair Clippers

An excellent way to save money on hair cuts is to buy hair clippers. Although clippers may be initially rather expensive, after a few hair cuts they will begin to pay for themselves! However, one problem remains for those with long hair – clippers were designed to cut short hair only. Despite this, an amateur hair dresser with keen eyes and steady hands can still use clippers to cut long hair.

Firstly, attach your longest hair clipper attachment to your clippers. Many clippers come boxed with many clipper attachments of several different sizes. Hair clipper attachments sit nicely against your subject’s head and ensures that all hair is cut at a similar length. Longer attachments mean longer hair cuts.

Next, wash your subject’s hair with shampoo, then towel dry it. To keep cut hair out of your subject’s clothing, place a towel on your subject’s neck. This also makes cleaning up easier, as there will be less hair on the floor.

Now, take a strand of hair in between your index and middle fingers to determine what lengthyou would like to cut your subject’s hair to. Use scissors to cut the hair to the desired length.

Grab a larger area of hair and pull it towards you. Following your guideline strand of hair established earlier, use the clippers to cut the hair to that length. Use a comb to remove any stray hair that might have been left behind – do this as you are cutting to perform the process more effectively.

Now, keep cutting your subject’s hair. Once you are done, quickly run your comb through your subject’s hair to ensure that there are not any stray parts left in the hair, which can make your subject’s head itchy and irritated, not to mention flaky!

This is also the time to style the hair of your subject – do this in any way you like. Remember, if you are planning on cutting longer hair to a shorter length, it is easier to simply start cutting, as there is no need to establish a guideline first.

Finally, change out your longer attachment for a shorter one and run your clippers through the smaller areas of your subjects head. Clippers are incredibly sharp, meaning that you should always be careful when using them – it is possible to cut your subject or even yourself if you are not taking the appropriate precautions!

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