Best Yogurt Maker 2019 (February 2019)

Electric yogurt makers are able to produce heat at a low temperature for hours on end, using very similar mechanics to slow cookers, however, the difference comes in the fermentation stage in which hours of heat in a controlled environment is required. In our guide below, we break down the best yogurt maker 2019 with our favorite picks.

Yogurt MakerOur ReviewRatingPrice
Cuisinart CYM-100 Comes with an automatic cooling system, Allows 50 oz. of yogurt to be made at a time, Simple operation to make yogurt you love Check Price On Amazon
Yogourmet Provides extra health benefits that can improve your yogurt, Easy to use with detailed instruction manual, Offers additional containers for those that want to make more yogurt at once Check Price On Amazon
Dash DGY001BU Large capacity that enables you to make more yogurt at once, BPA free plastic containers, Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup Check Price On Amazon
Euro Cuisine YM80 Much more affordable than other yogurt makers, Seven jars allow for greater versatility, Built-in timer Check Price On Amazon

Cuisinart CYM 100 Electric Yogurt Maker

Cuisinart CYM-100 yogurt makerIf you are looking for the best way to make yogurt and don’t know what the best machine to invest in is, look no further. The Cuisinart electronic yogurt maker is a fantastic product made to make creating healthy meals and snacks easy and fast.

Instead of paying extra money buying organic yogurt in stores, you can make yogurt right at home by mixing the ingredients you desire, and letting the yogurt maker do the rest!

Cooling System

One of the best features of this yogurt maker is the way it is made. This system comes with an automatic cooling system that activates when the fermentation process is complete.

When making yogurt, the milk that is added as the base gets heated up to a high temperature for a certain amount of time to kill any harmful bacteria that may be lingering in it. To get the right bacteria that is provided and to keep it in the yogurt, you have to make the yogurt cold enough to make it hospitable.

The good bacteria that is produced is what makes yogurt such a healthy snack due to the digestive system benefits it provides. With this feature, you won’t have to wait until the processing time is done to cool your yogurt manually. Because of this, you can make the yogurt overnight without supervision.


With any yogurt machine that you purchase, you have a limited amount you can make at one time. The more you can make at once, the less time you will have to spend making. This product has a capacity of 50 oz., making it possible to make six 8 oz. servings at once!

This is ideal if you have a large family that shares the same love for yogurt as you do without having to make separate servings or more batches. Having a larger capacity is less time-consuming and gives you more time to decide on what flavors you want to make your yogurt if any.


Cuisinart electric yogurt makerAnother great feature of this product that we love would have to be how straightforward it is to operate. When investing in an appliance that you need for your kitchen or any part of your home, it is essential to purchase a product that is easy to use so you can spend more time using it.

All you have to do with this machine is to combine all the ingredients you need into the yogurt container and cover it. Then, you place the container in the housing component of the maker. After that you set the fermentation time needed for the yogurt recipe you are making, and once it is done you let it cool.

Buying Advice

The Cuisinart electronic yogurt maker is priced at around 90 dollars which is very reasonable and affordable for a product with such high-quality features and strong stainless steel build. It is a must-have for your kitchen and an excellent value for your money.

  • Comes with an automatic cooling system
  • Easy to use with buttons for time control for the fermentation process
  • Allows 50 oz. of yogurt to be made at a time
  • Simple operation to make yogurt you love

  • Without proper maintenance, the yogurt maker won’t last as long as it could.
  • Small fee for replacements if yogurt maker 2019

Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker


Yogourmet strawberry yogurt makerIf you are looking for a yogurt maker that is affordable and easy to use, then you have come to the right place! When having a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to make the right decisions to help you eat as healthy as possible.

One way of doing this is making your yogurt without any of the harmful ingredients you might find in stores. Making yogurt by hand can be a very tedious and time-consuming process. The electric yogurt maker provided by Yogourmet may be the perfect option for you if you want quality yogurt fast.

Health Benefits

Yogourmet understands how important health is to their customers, so they made it possible for their machine to make their specialty yogurt that contains L. Casel and B. Bifidus, both agents in boosting immune system health.

Also, since you have the opportunity to add your own fruits and milk to your yogurt mix, you decrease the chances of any harmful preservatives that may be in store-bought yogurt.

There will also be no artificial colors or flavors in your yogurt since you have the power to make it the way you desire with fresh, natural ingredients.


With this product, you can make snacks and meals other than yogurts, like sour cream, fresh cheese, and buttermilk. These can be excellent additives to other meals that you enjoy and will also be free of any preservatives that are in the same products sold in stores.

You are also able to make different amounts of yogurt at a time if you don’t want to make a whole 2-liter batch at once. You can also purchase extra containers to be able to make more than one batch at the same time. This is convenient for when you want to make different flavors and products.


Yogourmet Yogurt MakerThis yogurt maker is made with a unique water-bath system. The way it works is by creating an even heating wall that ensures your yogurt incubates evenly. It reduces lumps in your yogurt and makes you get the perfect texture that is healthy and safe each time.

If yogurt isn’t cooked evenly, some parts run the risk of having harmful bacteria still in it, and this prevents the yogurt from being as healthy as it could be. Also, the container that is provided and the extras that you can purchase are reusable which is perfect for those of you that care about the environment.

The unit is also dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean. The plastic that it is made of is PVC and BPA free, ensuring the safety and health of your yogurt.

Buying Advice

The Yogourmet electric yogurt maker is available at a price of about $60 which is very affordable for the value and quality it provides leaves room for purchasing any extra glass jars if you need to.

  • Provides extra health benefits that can improve your yogurt
  • Easy to use with detailed instruction manual
  • Offers additional containers for those that want to make more yogurt at once
  • Equipped with water-bath system that ensures even yogurt

  • No temperature control and on/off switch
  • Room temperature may affect the temperature of the yogurt makerYogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker

Dash Automatic Digital Yogurt Maker


Dash blueberry yogurt makerMaking your own snacks and foods is a fundamental way to lead a healthy lifestyle. It enables you to know and regulate precisely what you are putting in your body. In stores, many of the healthy foods and products contain preservatives that can be harmful to your body, and yogurt is one of those products.

That is why the Dash Greek yogurt maker is the perfect option for you because it allows you to make the best yogurt at home for a fraction of the price of your local grocery stores. It also makes very healthy yogurt that is free of all preservatives and chemicals with natural ingredients.


Making yogurt without a yogurt maker is hard enough, but Greek yogurt is an even longer process. With the Dash Greek yogurt maker, you can create quality greek yogurt in half the time and half the price in stores.

The way Greek yogurt is made is you take already-made regular yogurt and strain it. This removes any remaining milk that has been left over, called whey. Without this, the yogurt contains less sugar, sodium, and carbohydrates and adds more protein.

Since yogurt is already extremely good for you, this version adds even more health benefits, and this yogurt maker makes it easier for you to make! The process is straightforward. You start off with heating milk. After it is heated, you slowly combine the milk and either store brand or homemade yogurt with it.

Then, you add the combination in the yogurt container provided to heat, let it chill in the refrigerator, whisk it once it has cooled for at least 6 hours, and pour into the filter that is provided. After it is done filtering, you whisk the yogurt again, store it in the fridge, and voila! You have made greek yogurt.


Dash Greek Yogurt Maker layersIf you are a real yogurt lover, you want to be able to eat yogurt as often as you can. Since yogurt is pretty expensive in stores, you can waste a lot of money going there every week to restock. Thankfully, this yogurt maker has a capacity of 2 quarts, making it possible to make eight 8 oz. servings at once!

That is a lot of yogurt for you and your family if you have one that loves yogurt as much as you do. This provides a lot of leftovers to keep you healthy and feeling your best all week long. That is how long your greek yogurt can last if you keep it refrigerated.

Buying Advice

The Dash Greek yogurt maker comes in three color options, blue, pink, and blue/white. The prices are slightly different for each color, ranging from $25 to $35. The default color is blue and white and is the cheapest out of the bunch. With this option, you can pick a maker that suits your style.

  • Large capacity that enables you to make more yogurt at once
  • BPA free plastic containers
  • Custom timer
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
  • Easy to follow instructions and simple operating system

  • Slight chance of overheatingDash Greek Yogurt Maker

Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker

Euro Cuisine YM80 fruit yogurt makerWhen looking for the top yogurt maker, you will want something that is reliable, yet reasonably priced. The YM80 from Euro Cuisine is an example of a product that fulfills all of these criteria and more, and while it may have a few issues, that isn’t enough to hold it back from greatness.


Euro Cuisine is well-known as a manufacturer of some of the best kitchen appliances on the market, so we had high expectations when we first pulled this product out of the box. Thankfully, from the first moment we turned it on, things turned out just as well as we could have hoped.


Since this yogurt maker comes with seven jars, you have a choice of whether you are going to make between one and seven flavors. Since you aren’t confined to a single flavor, you can switch up the yogurt that you are enjoying from day to day, which is more than you can do with much of the competition.

Of course, nothing is forcing you to make flavored yogurt with this machine, as it is equally adept at making yogurt that is unflavored. This appliance is ideal for many different kinds of yogurt, and we noticed no substantial change in quality between fruit-based yogurts and those with little to no added flavor.

Ease of Use

This is an ideal yogurt maker for those who have never purchased one of these products before. Since this one is so much easier to use, you will find few yogurt makers that are as optimized as this one when it comes to being accommodating for those who are new to yogurt making.

The instructions that come included with this yogurt maker are both clear and concise, which helps make this model a little easier to get started with. If you find the prospect of making your own yogurt intimidating, then the YM80 should be able to accommodate you with few issues.

Added Features

Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker jarsOf course, this is a more affordable yogurt maker, so you will find that it comes equipped with fewer additional features than a more expensive model. While it may not have the diverse range of bells and whistles that you will find present on pricier models, this product still includes enough of them.

For instance, the timer lets you know exactly when your yogurt will be done without the need for a separate one, and the on/off light lets you know whether or not the appliance is operating. Apart from that, you will find that the included jars are dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean out.


This is one of the most affordable yogurt makers on the market, which means that it offers excellent value for money. When you account for this product’s capabilities, you will find few differences between it and many other yogurt makers that are available at a higher price point.

  • Much more affordable than other yogurt makers
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Seven jars allow for greater versatility
  • Built-in timer

  • Relatively few extra featuresEuro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker

What To Consider When Buying A Yogurt Maker?

Before buying a yogurt maker there are some features and factors you should be aware of before purchasing, so you can make the right decision.

Pots Sizing and Numbers

Most yogurt makers produce bulk amounts of a single type of yogurt. For example producing 3 quarts of greek yogurt and thats all. Some yogurt makers such as the YM80 can produce a large variance in flavors as they come with 7 pots. You can produce 7 different types of yogurt with machinery like this so you should be aware of pot sizes and numbers before purchasing.


Whilst the variance in pricing isn’t so great for appliances in the kitchen, there is still some differences. Often times cheaper kitchen appliances will produce sub-par results and often end up breaking or having manufacturing defects due to rushed and low quality manufacturing process. It is often advised to invest in an appliance that has been made by a respected brand, as these come with long warranties the majority of the time.

Timing Features

Some appliances come with a set and forget feature, so you place the ingredients inside and the machinery takes care of the rest. Some appliances require checking up on rather often. Depending on how much time you have available to make yogurt, should affect on which type of yogurt maker you go for. Yogurt makers such as the CYM-100 take care of the entire process for you and even have an automatic cooling feature, so that you can make the yogurt whilst you sleep or are at work.

Electrical Vs Non Electrical

Although non electrical yogurt makers are outdated and lack some capabilities of the newer electrical models, sometimes it can be more effective to use the old school way to make yogurt, since it can make it feel very authentic. Electrical yogurt makers often perform better and will produce the better results, alongside this they have many more settings and characteristics that are changeable, the main benefit being that temperature can be maintained at an exact degree, giving you the optimum yogurt making conditions.

Practical Sizing

The size of your yogurt maker is an important factor. For those of us with smaller kitchens and not a ton of space for kitchen appliances it can be more beneficial to go with a smaller yogurt maker with less features and production capability, so we can maintain a fair balance of kitchen appliances in our food creating space. For those of you with large kitchens and tons of space, or simply a joy for creating batches of yogurt, a larger yogurt maker will be more suited.


Reputable brands in the kitchen appliance world will offer long warranties, as their products are made with durable materials and they are designed with longevity in mind. Cheaper and less known brands often give less warranty on their products and this is due to the cheap materials used and high chance of them breaking or having manufacturing defects.

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