Best Vertical Climber 2019 (February 2019)

A vertical climber is an exercise machine that delivers a low-impact cardio workout. Alongside getting in your cardio, the best vertical climber will also work as strength training and toning that use your own body weight against you.

Vertical ClimberFeatures / ReviewRatingPrice
Maxi Climber Best vertical climber, Built for any body type, Compact and easy to fold and store away, Personal workout timer, Stable Check Price On Amazon
Conquer Can be stored virtually anywhere, Easy to fold, Ergonomic handles, Lightweight, Smooth movements, Ultra quiet Check Price On Amazon
Merax Full body workout, Natural climbing motion, Saves money on a gym membership, Easy to fold up and store in any space Check Price On Amazon

Maxi Climber Vertical Climber

best vertical climberThe Maxi Climber is superbly comfortable to use, which I think motivates me to actually want to take advantage of this machine as often as I need to. It has been constructed for use with all body types, making it so that no matter who is using it, they can use it comfortably and get the results that they want. The handles feel great and are very easy to grip. It is ultra lightweight yet durable, and I know it will outlast years of usage. I’ve learned that using the Maxi Climber helps me to make my workouts more efficient as it works to tone my muscles as well as provide me with my necessary cardio all at once, and I do not even have to leave my home to get it. This machine at once tones my upper and lower body along with my core for a comfortable, full body experience unlike anything else. This saves me a lot of time that I can then use to dedicate to other parts of my fitness or my general life responsibilities.

Maxi Climber exercise machine

The Maxi Climber also features isometric, non-stick grips that make grabbing onto them simple and natural. Coupled with the already ergonomic design of this climber, I feel right at home using this machine. It uses my own body weight against me so that my workout is more efficient, which I love. This machine is completely adjustable and even allows me to adjust the height of its grips and footrests to ensure that I am using it at the right positions which promises consistently positive results. I have also noticed that no matter how much I sweat during my workouts on the Maxi Climber, the grips never cause my hands to slip off, which is great in terms of both safety and in terms of effectiveness.

Maxi Climber handle barsSome days when I am feeling lazier than others, I tend to try and skirt my workout, making myself believe that I have already gotten plenty of time in. The Maxi Climber holds me accountable for my workouts by providing a built-in timer. When I start up, the workout timer begins counting and it continues to count until I have stopped moving. This helps me keep an eye on what I am doing and keeps me focused on performing efficiently for the set number of minutes that I have told myself I will accomplish that day. This also helps when I want to gradually build up to more time spend on the Maxi Climber. I can keep track of my time and add on ten minutes or so every few days.

Commercial vertical climber

Finally, one thing I love about the Maxi Climber is that it is very easy to store away. A lot of my workout equipment is rather large and bulky, so I often just leave it sitting out in my workout room when I’m done with it. That really starts to add up and takes up a lot of space, and I find myself running out of room to add in more exercise equipment because of it. With this climbing machine, I can simply fold it up when I am finished with it. Folding it only takes a moment or two, and because it is so lightweight, it is not a tiring feat after a workout. This folding capability allows me to store it in any nearby closet, under a piece of furniture or even just tuck it away into a corner of my room to give me easy access to it when I want to use it again. Unfolding the compact design of the Maxi Climber is just as simple as folding it to put it away, so when I am ready to use it, I can grab it and go. I find that this, perhaps, makes this machine the best climber vertical machine when it comes to convenience of use.

  • Built for any body type
  • Compact and easy to fold and store away
  • Ergonomic design that encourages use
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Non-stick grips on handles and footrests
  • Personal workout timer
  • Stable

  • Price. The Maxi Climber Vertical Climber is one of the more expensive models of vertical climbers, but it really packs a powerful punch. It is one of the more stable and reliable vertical climbing machines that I have used and is incredibly comfortable to boot. The handles are wonderful and it is so easy to store when I am not using it that I believe this is the best rated vertical climber. You will not be disappointed.Maxi Climber

Conquer Vertical Climber

Conquer Vertical Climber booty workoutOne of the things that often deter me from using a vertical climbing machine is its effects on my joints. Sure, some soreness after a good session is expected, but joint pain is something that I would like to avoid. Joint pain only makes me more reluctant to get back on the machine after I have had time to recover out of concern about my overall joint health. The Conquer Climbing Machine eliminates that problem by giving me a seriously low-impact experience unlike any other. I have noticed that I have burned just as many calories and seen a comparable reduction of fat on parts of my body that I would notice from some other machines without all of the stiffness and pain that the other machines gave me. I think this is the best workout machine in terms of joint pain for this reason and recommend it for those who struggle with the same issue.

Conquer climber workout

In lieu of burning fat and calories, the Conquer Climbing Machine gives me an ultra high-intensity cardio workout that also focuses on my muscles, too. I feel that satisfying burn in my shoulders, legs, core, glutes, and hips, letting me know that this machine gives a very efficient full body workout. I can enjoy toning up my muscles while getting a high-quality workout at my own discretion all at once. There is no “too fast” or “too slow” and there is zero lag time between speeds. Instead, it uses my own body weight to control the machine so that when I stop focusing on my legs or I slow down on my arms, the variance in speed is noticed immediately. This gives me better control over my body and the machine alike, making for a more efficient session.

Conquer Vertical Climber handle barsAnother concern of mine when it comes to vertical climbers is the stability of the machine. Obviously, I don’t want to topple over when my performance becomes vigorous, nor do I want the machine breaking at any point during my workout. I do not have to worry about this with the Conquer Climbing Machine. This machine is made up of hefty stainless steel that promises durability and long life. It also has easy to grip, ergonomic handles on both the adjustable handles and the stationary ones, letting me feel secure regardless of the intensity of my workout. It does not wobble an inch while in use.

This is a huge perk for me. The Conquer Climbing Machine is super smooth to use and doesn’t get caught in certain positions or jolt me at all. Not only does it not get stuck, but this vertical climbing machine is also very quiet! I don’t have to listen to the awful sound of metal grating metal like I have had to do with some other machines. Not only is this simply more pleasant, but it also ensures that I am not getting distracted from my workout with terrible noises and wondering if the unit itself is going to give out beneath me eventually.

Conquer climber sport

Finally, I would like to mention the convenience of the Conquer Climbing Machine. This machine, despite its sturdy steel construction, is lightweight and simple to maneuver when I am finished with my session. All I have to do to put away this unit is fold it up and stick it under a piece of furniture, tuck it away inside of any nearby closet or even just stick it into a corner of my workout room, which really helps maximize the space when considering all of the other pieces of workout equipment I have in there. The slim body design makes it a perfect addition to my space!

  • Both stationary and adjustable handles
  • Can be stored virtually anywhere
  • Easy on the joints and thereby reduces post-workout stiffness
  • Easy to fold
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Full body workout that uses body weight to control the machine
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth movements
  • Stainless steel construction is stable and sturdy
  • Ultra quiet

  • Price. The Conquer Vertical Climber Fitness Climbing Machine 2.0 is on the higher end of moderate when it comes to pricing. While this is a seriously well-built, efficient machine, I can understand the concerns that come with budget. That said, it is one of the most comfortable, pain-free, smoothly operating vertical climbing machines I have had the pleasure of using. My entire body feels the results and I believe that this machine is certainly worth every penny and will give me years of use, paying for itself eventually when you consider the money saved on a gym membership!Conquer Vertical Climber

Merax Climber

merax vertical climber machineSome of the vertical climbers that I have used in the past do not seem to take into consideration those who are only starting to get their health and fitness under control. What I mean by this is that some people who are using these machines are a bit heavier than others who have been exercising for some time and need a machine that can accommodate their body types until they are able to drop some of the weight through working out. The Merax Climber seems to have taken this fact into consideration by building a durable and stable climber that can easily support a weight of 220 to 330 pounds. It is for this reason that I dub this as the best exercise machine for those just starting out or those who have a lot of muscle mass already.

Best vertical stair climber

The Merax Climber features handles that can be adjusted to accommodate anyone’s height which is important if I want to make the most out of my sessions. These handles are also isometric, non-stick kinds that really go the extra mile when my hands begin to sweat during my intense workouts. I never have to worry about my hands sliding off due to becoming slippery, causing me to lose my balance and making my workout less efficient. I want to make the most out of my time, and the handles on the Merax Climber really help me to do that. In addition, they come in a vibrant color which makes the machine more attractive and looks great in my workout room! This is definitely the best full body workout machine in terms of style.

Merax climber machine

One of the most desirable traits about these vertical climbers is the fact that they work out nearly every part of my body. The Merax Climber is no different. This machine gives me an exceptionally natural climbing motion that targets my biceps, triceps, leg muscles and core all at the same time. I can feel it throughout virtually every part of me and it helps me know that I am getting the most out of my workout as possible. Climbing helps to burn more calories than a treadmill while using it for the same duration of time, and this machine definitely gives me the confidence that I am doing just that.

merax vertical climber control panelI am always conscious of my budget which is why I have begun exercising at home as often as I can. The Merax Climber is my go to when I want to focus on burning the most calories that I can and take care of some of my problem fat areas. It tones me up nicely and makes me feel good about the state of my body at the end of my session. Also, I know it will eventually save me money that I would otherwise spend on a pricey gym membership!

Merax Climber vs Maxi Climber

Last, but certainly not least, the Merax Climber is made using a durable, black steel frame that is not only stylish and sturdy, but it folds up nicely and easily when I am done with my workout. I can place it into any storage unit like a closet or simply tuck it into a corner when I am done, saving me plenty of space for my other workout equipment to go, as that equipment is much bulkier than the Merax Climber. I really appreciate its compact size.

  • Burns more calories than a treadmill in the same amount of time
  • Can support body weight ranging from 220 to 330 pounds with ease
  • Durable, black steel frame
  • Easy to fold up and store in any space
  • Full body workout
  • Isometric, non-stick adjustable handles that are bright green and stylish
  • Natural climbing motion
  • Saves money on a gym membership

  • Possibly small foot rests. While I have not personally experienced this, some online reviews of the Merax Vertical Climber Exercise Climbing Machine have stated that the footrests that come included are a bit small. This could be because the users are not placing their feet on it properly, but those who have used this in my home all agree that the footrests are comfortable and perfectly sized. This could also just be a matter of foot size, as, obviously, not everyone who uses this vertical climber is going to have the same size of feet as the next person.merax vertical climber

Final Verdict

I have chosen the Maxi Climber Vertical Climber as the winner in this roundup because of its durable, stable nature. It is made from top-quality materials such as a sturdy frame, isometric, non-stick handles and comfortable footrests. This machine is built for all body types, making it exceptionally useful as my body begins to transform from these workouts. I recommend this machine to those who want the most efficient and safe workout possible with a climber!

Maxi Climber

Benefits of Buying a Vertical Climber

– More efficient workout. By working out the entire body at once instead of, say, just the legs on a treadmill, you are able to tone and strengthen arms, legs and your core at once. It is one of the more effective ways to train your body as it increases your aerobic performance without spending hours at the gym.

– Burns more calories than a treadmill during the same amount of time. Instead of using that aforementioned treadmill to eliminate those calories, using a vertical climber engages every part of your body to provide a greater yield of units burned .

– Used for all body types. These are some of the best machines for beginners and long-time trainers alike as they are adjustable and can accommodate most weights and heights.

– Slender and does not take up as much space as other, less efficient machines. Vertical climbers are made durably but in a compact way. Not only does it provide more room for bulkier equipment, these can also be easily stored to keep your workout space from looking cluttered and overwhelming.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Vertical Climber

– Budget. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to vertical climbers, so look at the value you are going to get for your money. Do consider that you could save money using these for a full body workout opposed to sticking with your costly gym membership.

– Adjustability. You want a vertical climber that can adjust to your specific height and overall body type in order to ensure that you are getting the most effective workout possible.

– Composition. Take into consideration what the vertical climber you are looking at is made from. Strong steel frames are recommended, and those that possess non-stick, ergonomic grips are highly sought-after to make sure sweat does not get in the way of a comfortable workout session.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Vertical Climber for Your Needs

– Choose a vertical climber with non-stick grips to avoid problems that arise when your hands become sweaty.

– Look for a vertical climber that has both adjustable, moving handles as well as ones that feature stationary handles for when you only want to focus on training your legs.

– Read reviews online, such as the ones detailed below, in order to gather information about what other people think before buying a vertical climber.

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