Best Tankless Water Heater (August 2018)

Finding the best tankless water heater can be a very difficult task in todays climate. As there is a long lasting debate between gas and electricity and different features that come with each specific brand and model. We have compiled a vast range of unbiased tankless water heater reviews to help you choose the best water heater with ease.

Tankless Water HeaterOur ReviewRatingPrice
Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Our Most Recommended Tankless Water Heater, Powerful, Affordably Priced, Efficient Check Price On Amazon
Rheem RTG-95XLN More Expensive, Outdoor, High Capacity, Good Solid Quality Build, Recommended To Those With Higher Budgets Check Price On Amazon
EcoSmart ECO 27 Cheaper, Economical Tankless Water Heater, Good Efficiency, Compact Build And Highly Durable Check Price On Amazon

Best Tankless Water Heater

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater

The T-KJr2 may be smaller than other models offered by Takagi, however it is certainly capable of doing everything a 40 gallon water heater can do. It is more powerful that your average tankless water heater priced around the same point and is capable of keeping up with your hot water requirements. The maximum flow rate is 6.6 GPM at a 35 degree temperature rise and a 3.3 GPM maximum flow rate at a 70 degree temperature rise. This tankless water heater is very efficient and provides an energy factor of 0.82, making it extremely efficient in comparison to other water heaters and even keeps it in the top of the line for tankless water heaters. The water heater is made to be Low NOx, therefore it will reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

Takagi offers a 10 year warranty on their heat exchanger, a 5 year warranty on their parts and a 1 year warranty on labor.

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Rheem RTG-95XLN 9.5 GPM Low NOx Outdoor Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater

This tankless water heater is an outdoor model and is fueled by natural gas rather than electric. This model is the most powerful from their line of tankless water heaters and can be described as the best tankless water heater when it comes to power output. It can produce 9.5 GPM at 35 degree temperature rise and 7.4 GPM at a 45 degree temperature rise. It utilizes next generation technology to produce low nitrogen oxide emissions, whilst producing a high power output and heating water effectively.

Rheem offers a 5 year warranty on parts, 1 year warranty on labor and a 12 year warranty on the heat exchanger.

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EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater

The ECO 27 will save you up to 50% on normal water heating costs, by providing you highly efficient water heating options. You can control the temperature digitally in 1 degree increments so you can accurately decide the temperature of your water. The tankless water heater is made from copper and stainless components which helps with the efficiency and durability of the heater, whilst also allowing for easy replacement of components that may end up as faulty. The size is very compact so you will not require much storage space to place the Ecosmart Eco27, however there are some electrical requirements, so please check before purchasing.

EcoSmart offers a 5 year warranty on their tankless water heaters, so you can rest assured that if any issues arise that they will be fixed or replaced.

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Benefits Of A Tankless Water Heater

Unlimited hot water supply

By installing the tankless water heater, it will provide an unlimited hot water supply since it does not have to be stored in the tank. You can have smooth flow of hot water supply to take your shower every day and the best thing is you do not have to worry about the hot water supply anymore. You can use it as you wish.

Worth and efficient

Having a tankless water heater at your house will definitely reduce your electrical bills because it is much more efficient than the tank water heater. It is an energy saving water heater! The cost to install the tankless water heater might be quite expensive at the beginning, but think of the efficiency in saving the energy and it is totally worth. You do not have to spend more on your electrical bills anymore.

Save Space

If you are the brilliant shopper, installing this tankless water heater will save your space at home. Your home will be more organized because the size of this tankless water heater is likely one quarter of the size of a tank water heater. Therefore, you can have extra space for other stuffs.

Less Rust

Investing on a good tankless water heater has less chance to rust because the water is not store in the tank. Consequently, it will avoid contaminating the water supply. Besides, you do not have to worry to replace the heater due to rust.
If you are a smart consumer, make a good choice, live a splendid life.

Choosing The Right Tankless Water Heater: Electric or Gas?

Selecting the most suitable tankless water heater might be difficult for you to suit your personal requirements. However, we have several tips that can help you to choose the right one to meet your requirements and needs. There are 5 aspects that should be taken into consideration in selecting the best one to be installed at your home.

• Installation cost
• The efficiency and operating cost
• Maintenance requirement
• Anticipated needs and anticipated water usage
• Personal preference


  • The cheapest upfront investment.
  • Only cost you from $500-$700
  • Since there is no exhaust gas to ventilate, there is no need to worry about intricate ventilation and an air supply system
  • More efficient (98%)
  • Last longer
  • 1/3 of the size gas powered water heater
  • Smaller as compared to gas powered water heater
  • Can be simply installed to where it will be used.
  • Reducing the cost of installation
  • Less maintenance required
  • Only occasional cleaning of the inlet filter needed
  • An electric tankless water heater is sufficient for the needs of average family that might use four to eight gallons of water per minute.


  • May cost $1000 and above
  • Complexity in installing the water heater and installation process can be more than if you go for electric model. It is due to requirement of venting system and the air supply for combustion.
  • Slightly less efficient (85%)
  • Cheapest to operate because the the gas fuel input is quite cheap
  • Slightly bigger (15% on average) than the electric counterpart
  • Requires yearly inspection by trained professional to ensure safe and dependable usage.
  • Has a bigger capacity to provide for larger demands
  • Mostly required in business settings or for large families

Help Save The World

With the domestic energy costs increasingly spiraling out of control, the best way you can save that extra buck is by seeking creative ways of heating water, which accounts for 30% of domestic energy consumption. TopWaterHeaterReviews is a blog dedicated to passing on this important knowledge to domestic energy consumers. It is a comprehensive guide that helps you choose the best tankless water heating system in the market today. The blog has an extensive listing of all the available tankless water heaters, their pros and cons, where you can get them, their feature characteristics and their images. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to choose the best fit based on your budget, house make and heated water requirements.

The smart technology behind the tankless water heater is based on the need to save energy, money, space and advance the building and construction industry to the next level. The water heater was made part of the plumbing so that all a user needs is to turn on the water and immediately it passes through the heater, it gets heated. A tankless heater is a device that is suitably located in the center of the plumbing system such that hot water is distributed around the house without the need of a having a tank where water is centrally heated. This blog envisages a situation where each house adopts this method of heating water, thereby making better use of the available space in the house as well as help conserve the environment. Remember the lesser the energy used in homes, the lesser the likelihood of using fossil fuels in power generators to power up residential areas.

Towards Saving Money and Energy!

The tankless heater operates on a need basis, thus eliminating the wasteful heating of water that is not immediately needed. The tankless water heater has inbuilt sensors that senses the demand for warm water through mechanisms such as turning on shower or the Jacuzzi knob. Unlike the traditional water heating systems where the water started heating in the tanks, here the water passes though the heating mechanism directly from the plumbing, thus allowing you to do multiple tasks that require heated water such as taking a bath, laundry, cleaning the utensils etc. Immediately after you turn off the knob or button in the Jacuzzi or in the kitchen, the water stops flowing and the water heater shuts off automatically. This helps the domestic user save a lot of energy, which in essence, reduces the bills. The tankless water heater reviews simply showcase this technology as it is used for different domestic purposes.

As the world slowly evolves into green technology and better management of space, it is absolutely important for every member of the society to embrace this technology. It goes without saying that government regulation should also encourage the building industry to use this technology. The tankless water heater reviews aims at sensitizing all the stakeholders including; the government, the construction industries, the home owners and the home designers to incorporate the tankless water heater technology in their building designs. This smart technology is the future. Save your way into a more reliable heated water system, and reduced power bills!

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