Best Swimming Goggles 2019 (February 2019)

Finding the best swimming goggles 2019 is an important first step one must take when embarking on their water training adventures. I have taken it upon myself to look into what I consider to be some of the best swim goggles on the market so that you don’t have to.

Swimming GogglesFeaturesRatingPrice
MP Michael Phelps XCEED Endorsed by Michael Phelps, Exceedingly large field of vision for taking in sights of the walls, lines, and competition, True Softeril gasket water sealing technology Check Price On Amazon
Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 100 percent PVC free, 25 percent extended peripheral vision, 4 interchangeable nose pieces to ensure a comfortable fit through and through, Anti-fog coating to prevent condensation Check Price On Amazon
Aegend Clear Absolutely leakproof, Clear blue lenses for optimal visibility and clarity, Provides UV protection, Flexible, soft silicone frame and gasket Check Price On Amazon

MP Michael Phelps XCEED Swim Goggles

michael phelps xceed swimming

In order to swim at my very best, I need to know that I am using goggles that are strong and resilient. The MP Michael Phelps XCEED Swim Goggles provides me with the peace of mind, and it is no wonder why they carry the Michael Phelps brand name. These goggles have been made very well, and if that was not clear for me to see simply by holding them in my hands, it was certainly made clear the moment I put them on to test them out for the first time. They are made with an exo-core technology exclusive to this brand, combining two incredibly durable and comfortable materials that put me in the best place that I can be for optimal performance every time.

Ultra-tight Seal

I love the fact that never once have I had to worry about water leaking through and getting into my eyes while swimming. These MP Michael Phelps XCEED Swim Goggles are tight on my head but nowhere near being too tight as to where they become uncomfortable at any point during my swim. Instead, these goggles have an ultra-soft and comfortable Softeril gasket that provides me with a truly watertight seal. I’ve never had to stop mid-lap and dump out or wipe out my goggles.

While keeping the water out, these goggles also seem to contour perfectly and naturally to the shape of my face, furthering the seal but also providing me with exceptional comfort. It honestly feels like I’m not wearing anything at all which helps to keep me focused on my time and not on stopping to readjust the goggles periodically as I do with some other goggles that I have tried. These swim goggles really are excellent for long periods of use, and that, unfortunately, is something that I am not able to say about most of the other swimming goggles that I have tried.

Structured Skeleton

As mentioned, the exterior of the MP Michael Phelps XCEED Swim Goggles is ultra comfortable and provides that watertight seal that I am always looking for. It features a semi-rigid exoskeleton that is structured perfectly for wearing all of the time with no discomfort. It delivers incredible stability to the goggles, which never come loose or feel like they are wearing down because of my many hours of swimming. It also boosts their overall strength, lending me the peace of mind that comes with knowing it is highly likely that I will not have to be purchasing another pair of goggles again after using these.

Another exciting feature of the MP Michael Phelps XCEED Swim Goggles is the fact that they have an exceedingly hydrodynamic, low profile that doesn’t slow me down whatsoever while swimming. I also enjoy the fact that these goggles don’t leave unsightly lines where they have placed too much pressure on my face in order to keep the water out. michael phelps xceed gogglesThis specially designed shape also helps to give me a competitive edge since I don’t have to worry about big, bulky goggles coming between me and my speed, shaving off seconds of time simply because of their size. Time is everything, and the creators of these goggles seem to understand that perfect clarity is key. This brings me to my next point.

Huge Field of Vision

One of the best parts of the MP Michael Phelps XCEED Swim Goggles is the fact that I can seemingly see forever and ever. There is this massive range of vision. This allows me to see virtually everything in my sight, including the walls around me so I know how close I am to finishing the lap, the lines that separate my lane from my competitors, as well as the competition swimming in the water next to me. I can see virtually everything in front of me positioned at any angle without slowing myself down and changing the position of my head. It does this by using a patented curved lens technology that adheres to my natural range of vision, providing me as much space as possible to look around.

  • Endorsed by Michael Phelps
  • Exceedingly large field of vision for taking in sights of the walls, lines, and competition
  • Patented curved lens
  • Sleek, hydrodynamic design that does not obstruct my speed
  • Stable and durable exo-core material
  • Tight yet not too tight
  • True Softeril gasket water sealing technology

  • Some reports of the MP Michael Phelps XCEED have indicated that the users have experienced breaking of the strap. I have noticed myself that these straps are exceptionally strong and durable, and I have not experienced anything of this swimming goggles 2019

Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggle

If I don’t want to spend all of my time in the water readjusting my goggles–which, I don’t–it is important that I am wearing something that is super comfortable and fits my head the right way. speedo vanquisher mirrored swim goggle waterThat is definitely the case with the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggle. These ultra comfortable goggles have a sleek look about them and are perfect for training and general performance while swimming competitively. They have a super snug, low profile inner eye fit. This fit is silicone and extremely soft which furthers these goggles’ comfortable nature but works to seal my eyes to keep out water. This version of the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggle has a two-toned silicone double head strap which provides maximum support and comfort. Putting on these goggles is an absolute breeze, not only because of the material that the straps are made out of, but also because of the specially designed clip. The clip included on this strap is both highly ergonomic and adjustable, making it so that I get a snug fit every time I put on these stylish goggles. It is worth mentioning that they are also completely PVC free for those who don’t enjoy the harsh, sometimes uncomfortable, feeling that comes with such a material.

Unique and Helpful Lenses

The lenses on the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggle are wonderful as well. I noticed immediately upon taking them out of the box that they had an ultra-mirrored coated lens that really helps to keep out the glare. They worked exactly as I hoped they would in action while swimming, stopping the sun and its harmful UVB and UVA rays from obstructing my view during the day and prohibiting the pool lights at night from getting in my eyes during night training. Not only are these goggles mirrored, but they have also been created with an anti-fog coating that stops condensation of water inside. This is another great perk when it comes to functionality and efficiency, as I don’t find myself having to stop to clean them out every couple of laps, helping me to make the most out of my training, day or night.

Customized Fit

As mentioned, the double straps on the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggle really work to provide me with a snug fit. speedo vanquisher mirrored racing swim goggleWhat is even better is that these goggles come with 4 interchangeable nose pieces that let me really figure out which one is the most comfortable for extended use. I no longer have to hope for the best with new goggles, dealing with the discomfort and sometimes pain that a wrongly fitting nosepiece gives me. No, the choice is mine with these goggles, and I couldn’t be happier. The precision fit stays in place and works in harmony with the sealed silicone eyepieces to help keep water away.

Ultra Stylish

On top of all of the other incredible benefits that come with the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggle, these goggles are just super fashionable. No one wants to wear ugly, bulky goggles to swim in, no matter what they say. I’ll admit it is hard to find goggles that perform as well as these do while also looking as great as they do. They have this ultra low profile design that is sleek and modern. It also seems that they have been specially crafted to give me even more peripheral vision than most other competitive and training goggles that I have worn.

  • 100 percent PVC free
  • 25 percent extended peripheral vision
  • 4 interchangeable nose pieces to ensure a comfortable fit through and through
  • Anti-fog coating to prevent condensation
  • Sleek carrying case for protection while traveling
  • Ultra comfortable, dual-tone head straps
  • Ultra mirrored to keep out UBV and UVA rays
  • Very stylish

  • Darkness. Some reviews of the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggle state that they believe that they are a bit dark for night swimming. I disagree. I like that the goggles have the shade that they do as, during the day, I am not blinded. At night, the lights being emitted from the pool do not distract me. I believe that these reviews say this due to the mirrored coating as it is highly reflective to keep away the glare, and this may reflect away the light from the pool, too, deeming them darker. Still, I cannot consider this a true downside for me, personally.speedo vanquisher mirrored swim goggle review

Aegend Clear Swimming Goggles

Being comfortable while I am swimming and training is the one thing that serves to keep me from being distracted. Aegend Clear Swimming Goggles uv protectionIf I am, it detracts from my performance and I feel as if I am not making the most out of my training. That stops with the Aegend Clear Swimming Goggles. Ultra comfortable, these goggles feature a super flexible and soft silicone frame that aligns with the natural contours of my face to provide an ultimately comfortable fit. The gasket is also silicone which furthers that comfort while also helping provide the high-quality water sealing that is necessary for optimal performance. No more stopping to dump out puddles of water after using them for a few laps, making them highly efficient. While they are indeed leakproof, they are not tight like some other models where it leaves an unattractive line beneath my eyes or adds excess pressure to the point where I want to take them off.

Will Never Shatter or Leak

One of the most brilliant features, besides its impeccable leakproof quality, is the fact that the Aegend Clear Swimming Goggles are completely and utterly shatterproof. I have experienced issues in the past where, while toting my goggles to and from the pool, they have broken in transit or have even fallen onto the hard concrete around the pool and cracked right there. Not only do these come with a case that protects them in motion, these goggles are made up of polycarbonate lenses that can withstand even the harshest of conditions. No longer do I have to fear what will happen if they get tossed around in my gym bag or if my wet, slippery hands get clumsy on me and they fall to the ground. It’s a nice peace of mind to have and makes me feel secure in my purchase.

Prohibits Harm from UV Rays and Fog

Another great perk that comes with the Aegend Clear Swimming Goggles is the fact that they are wonderful at protecting my eyes from the sun when I am training during the day. Aegend Clear Swimming Goggles double-deck sealThese goggles come with enhanced UV protection that not only keeps the rays out of my eyes but also fills me with security knowing that I am not taking in the harmful UV rays that I wouldn’t otherwise notice. Not only this, but the Aegend Clear Swimming Goggles come with an advanced anti-fog coating that provides high-quality protection against condensation. No longer do I have to stop mid-lap and wipe out my lenses every so often which has really allowed me to make the most of my workout.

Simple to Put on and Remove

One of the things I hate most about goggles is that the straps are typically very uncomfortable and tend to snag my hair, wet or dry. When I put on the Aegend Clear Swimming Goggles, I do not have this problem. The straps glide on easily thanks to its well-designed clasp. With the clasp, I can just clip them onto my head and take them off just as simply.

Clear Lenses

Finally, I really love the fact that the Aegend Clear Swimming Goggles come with clear lenses. They are blue in color, yes, but there are no mirrored effects to speak of. While this does sometimes mean that I will receive a glare while swimming, I have a crisp, bright, clear view of my surroundings no matter the time of day. The intense clarity makes it so I can easily see the lines on the pool that separate the lanes, the walls as they approach and even fellow swimmers as they train beside me.

  • Absolutely leakproof
  • Anti-fog coating that prevents the accumulation of condensation
  • Clear blue lenses for optimal visibility and clarity
  • Comes with a solid carrying case
  • Flexible, soft silicone frame and gasket
  • Provides UV protection
  • Simple to put on and to take off thanks to incorporation of the well-made clasp
  • Ultra cheap swimming goggles
  • Will never shatter thanks to their polycarbonate lenses

  • Purported comfort levels. I have read a few reviews on the Aegend Clear Swimming Goggles before trying them and a few of their users seem to state that the nose is not very comfortable. Personally, I find that it fits my nose quite excellently and provides a comfortable fit no matter how long I wear them. This could all be a matter of the individual reviewer’s unique facial shape and overall personal preference, so I definitely would not let it to deter you from checking out these swimming goggles for yourself.Aegend Clear Swimming Goggles REVIEW

Final Verdict

I chose the:

MP Michael Phelps XCEED Swim Goggles

Aegend Clear Swimming Goggles REVIEWbecause they are incredibly comfortable first and foremost. Their outer shell is made from a durable exo-core material that is both durable and pleasing to wear. The expanded field of vision is my favorite part, though. I can see everything in the water with me and know exactly what is going on at all times without ever having to turn my head. I recommend this for the swimmers who enjoy full control while they train.

Benefits of Buying Swimming Goggles

– Keep water out of your eyes. This might seem as if it goes without saying, but the main function of goggles is to allow you to see underwater. If you don’t have swim goggles that aren’t leakproof, you are only slowing yourself down. A snugly fitting pair of goggles can make or break your experience.

– Keep your eye on the target. Being able to see underwater affords you the ability to keep chlorine or salt out of your eyes while keeping an eye on the competition beside you, the ever-approaching walls and even the lanes in which you are swimming.

– Fine-tune your technique. Without worrying about burning your eyes, you are free to focus on your form to train for your competitions.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Swimming Goggles

Price. You do want to keep your budget in mind, but some of the more expensive swimming goggles offer the best features.

Lenses. Try to find lenses that are made of durable, shatterproof material. You also want to look for ones that feature anti-fog coating and protection from the sun.

Comfort. If you have to stop over and over to readjust the straps of your goggles, you are wasting time and not getting the most out of your training sessions.

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