Best Snow Shovel 2019 (February 2019)

For homeowners living in cold climates, a snow shovel is a must-have tool for winter storms. We’ve compiled our favorite shovels into our best snow shovel 2019 list. You can find a shovel to suit every need, whether you’re moving mountains of snow or just clearing out your driveway.

Snow ShovelFeatures / ReviewRatingPrice
Ivation Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher Compact and lightweight at just about 10 pounds, Ergonomic design, 6-inch wheels, Height adjustable from 45 inches to 50 inches—great for people of all heights Check Price On Amazon
True Temper Durable aluminum construction in both handle and blade, 20-inch blade makes quick work of snow shoveling, Ergonomic handle ensures users don’t have to bend as far, lessening back strain Check Price On Amazon
Suncast SC1350 Lightweight at just 2.9 pounds, Ribbed grip handle prevents slippage, 1 1/8-inch handle diameter is easy to hold, Handle length measures 39 inches Check Price On Amazon
AAA 4004 Durable aluminum construction, Length adjustable: 25 inches to 32 inches, Portable: Designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble—great for road trips, Great snow shovel alternative for textured surfaces as it doesn’t catch/snag as much as traditional snow shovels with a wear strip Check Price On Amazon
Snow Joe SHOVELUTION Durable aluminum construction, Reduces back strain up to 30%, Ergonomic D grip handles, Spring-loaded assist captures spent energy and funnels it back to the shovel for a natural power boost Check Price On Amazon

Ivation Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher

The tall concave shovel portion of the Ivation snow pusher can easily clear 5 inches of any type of snow—whether fresh or wet and compacted—in a single pass.

Ergonomic design and upright shoveling

Both the handle and the overall design are ergonomic and take pressure off of your back, shoulders and arms—common places of soreness and tension while shoveling snow. Additionally, you don’t have to stay strained and hunched over as with traditional snow shovels; the ergonomic design of the Ivation allows you to shovel upright, which maximizes the amount of time you’re able to spend shoveling as well, getting the job done a lot faster than you would with a traditional shovel.

Height adjustable

The Ivation snow pusher can be height adjusted anywhere from 45 inches to 50 inches, ensuring you find the most comfortable setting for you, further improving the pusher’s ergonomics.

Compact and lightweight

At around 10 pounds, the Ivation Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher is a nice, lightweight option that doesn’t add unnecessary weight you don’t need to the task of shoveling snow. Additionally, it’s compact enough to make tight corners, allowing you to maneuver it with ease.

The 6-inch wheels maneuver very well on snow and ice thanks to the nice, grippy traction they offer.

I’ve always used traditional snow shovels, so I was skeptical when I first set eyes on the Ivation Snow Pusher. That said, I reserved my judgment until I used it, because I don’t like to judge a book by its cover.

The Ivation handled the snow outside of our home wonderfully. It was only about 4 inches deep, so I didn’t test the whole 5-inch claim; that said, because of the ease it handled 4 inches of snow, I’d definitely believe it could handle 5 in one pass.

Best snow pusher shovel

Assembly took only 5 minutes—we timed it. I had been a little skeptical about the assembly because I’m a plug-n-play sort of person, but it really wasn’t difficult at all to do.

The Ivation’s single-pass shoveling ability combined with its capability for upright shoveling make it a great option for those who have back problems yet still want a highly efficient and effective snow shovel.

  • Compact and lightweight at just about 10 pounds
  • Clears snow of 5-inch depth in a single pass
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Good traction
  • 6-inch wheels
  • Height adjustable from 45 inches to 50 inches—great for people of all heights
  • Heavy duty plastic construction with metal blade at the bottom for effective snow shoveling
  • 26-inch shovel width makes for nice, large, wide passes
  • Takes strain off back, shoulders, arms, etc.
  • Enables upright snow shoveling

  • The Ivation Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher does require some assembly; however, the good news is that all of the necessary components and instructions are provided, and they have a customer service team ready and willing to answer any assembly questions you may have. The easy assembly should tank no more than a few minutes, so it’s not a huge burden, but worth mentioning snow shovel

True Temper 20-Inch Aluminum Combo Ergonomic Snow Shovel

The handle is made of durable aluminum and features an ergonomic, curved design, which means you don’t have to bend as far while shoveling, ultimately saving a lot of strain on your back and shoulders.

Oversized D grip

The True Temper’s oversized D grip is specifically designed to easily accommodate a gloved hand and promote easier shoveling.

Combination blade

The blade is primarily composed of aluminum, but features a steel wear strip at the bottom to promote longevity. The combination style of the blade ensures it pushes snow just as well as it shovels snow, making it surprisingly versatile for a deceivingly unassuming snow shovel.

20-inch blade

true temper snow shovelThe True Temper snow shovel features a 20-inch blade, which promotes faster shoveling time by being able to hold more snow.


At only 5.5 pounds, the True Temper 20-Inch Aluminum Combo Ergonomic Snow Shovel is ideal for those who prize a light shovel that won’t add to the weight of shoveling already-heavy snow.

Best shovel for snow

The True Temper 20-Inch Aluminum Combo Ergonomic Snow Shovel looks like your average snow shovel on first inspection, but looks can be deceiving.

When I was using the True Temper, I immediately noticed the difference in the ergonomic handle design compared to my traditional snow shovel. I didn’t feel myself straining to bend as much as I normally do, which is a big benefit for those like me who have bad backs.

  • Durable aluminum construction in both handle and blade
  • Steel wear strip to boost shovel life
  • 20-inch blade makes quick work of snow shoveling
  • Oversized D grip makes shoveling in gloves super easy
  • Ergonomic handle ensures users don’t have to bend as far, lessening back strain
  • Lightweight at only 5.5 pounds

  • Though most people are pretty happy with this shovel, there have been some instances of bending. Because it’s metal, it’s more likely to bend whereas a plastic shovel would be more likely to break. That said, it should be durable enough to handle all but the heaviest, densest snow out there.true temper aluminium snow shovel

Suncast SC1350

The snow shovel/pusher combo poly blade is 18 inches wide and 12 inches in height. Because of its width, you can shovel your side walk in less time, while the tall 12-inch blade is able to shovel piled up, compacted snow in one pass.

51 inches total length

At a total length of 51 inches, the Suncast 18-Inch Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo is long enough to give you proper leverage when shoveling heavy, wet snow. This reduces the amount of strength you have to exert on your part to shovel, thereby reducing back and shoulder problems.

Galvanized steel wear strip

The shove/pusher combo poly blade features a galvanized steel wear strip at the bottom, which strengthens the blade and boosts its overall longevity. Galvanized steel is super durable and designed to be able to withstand heavy use.

Steel core handle

The ribbed grip handle features a steel inner core, reinforcing the whole shovel-pusher to prevent common snow shovel issues like bending and breaking. Because of the steel core, the Suncast Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo is able to withstand heavy duty snow shoveling without failure every time.


suncrest sc1350 snow shovelSince the Suncast shovel is made with a mixture of poly and steel, the result is a lighter weight shovel compared to traditional metal-only options. At just 2.9 pounds, the Suncast shovel offers lightweight maneuverability while still retaining the strength that only steel can provide. Additionally, because it’s so light weight, it doesn’t add significant weight to your snow shoveling applications, which can greatly reduce fatigue.

The Suncast 18-Inch Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo has the look of your standard plastic snow shovel, so I wasn’t terribly blown away the second I opened the box it arrived in. However, I care more about usability than looks, so I put it to the test immediately.

Firstly, I’m a big fan of the long 39-inch handle. To me, it’s the perfect length to get great leverage without being too long. I’m short, though, so I was interested how it would handle (no pun intended) for my husband who is taller than average. He said he found it to be a pretty good length, despite his height. Unlike our old shovel, the Suncast shovel didn’t bother his back that much, and he attributed that to the length of the shovel overall, especially the handle length.

As for the blade, it’s a pretty good pusher/shovel combo blade, but what really makes it pop compared to a generic shovel is the wear steel wear strip at the bottom which really helps out a great deal when you’re shoveling icy or messy snow. Also, the blade dimensions definitely seem to be a big part of the shovel’s overall success. At 18 inches wide and 12 inches tall, it’s a large blade that isn’t too large. With it, you’re able to shovel a pretty hefty amount of packed snow, and you don’t have to take as many passes as you would with a standard plastic shovel.

  • Lightweight at just 2.9 pounds
  • Strong 18-inch x 12-inch poly blade
  • Galvanized steel wear strip boosts blade longevity
  • Ribbed grip handle prevents slippage
  • Steel handle core prevents bending and boosts strength
  • 1 1/8-inch handle diameter is easy to hold
  • 51-inch total length provides great shoveling leverage
  • Handle length measures 39 inches
  • Tasteful dark green color is unobtrusive yet easy to find in the snow

  • It can catch a little when shoveling/pushing snow on uneven surfaces like wooden decks. That said, this is inherent in most snow shovels of this type; those who have uneven surfaces like gravel or wood may need to search for a specialty snow shovel to meet their needs. Also, it’s important to note this issue obviously doesn’t affect smooth surfaces like walkways and asphalt streets.
  • There have been some instances of the blade wobbling after extended use—especially on icy snow. Luckily, Suncast has pretty good customer service and they tend to replace defective shovels.suncrest sc1350

AAA 4004 Utility Shovel

At just 1.3 pounds, the AAA Red Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel is one of the lightest weight metal snow shovels out there, period. This light weight design is part of what makes it so versatile as well as easy to take on the road or camping, which was a big part of the intention of creating such a lightweight shovel.

Adjustable length

When assembled, the shovel length is easily adjustable; length can be adjusted from 25 inches to 32 inches, making this a great compact shovel option for people of varying heights and preferences.

Aluminum construction

The aluminum construction is what allows the AAA Red Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel to be so lightweight, yet strong enough to get the job done.


The AAA comes in three easy-to-assemble pieces. While some may view this as an annoyance, this is actually an intentional design choice, because this is a shovel designed to be super portable, so users can take it with them on the road or in outdoor environments away from home. It’s designed to be small enough to fit inside of a backpack when disassembled for extra convenience. This is also great for apartment dwellers who have no need for a huge shovel and who don’t have the room to store one anyway.

Color options

aaa 4004 snow shovelBecause the AAA Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel is designed to be a great companion for travel, it comes in three bright colors (red, gold and blue) which prevents the shovel from being lost in snowy conditions. Additionally, you can get all three color options and have a different color for each application. For instance, you could have the red one for home, gold for your car and blue to take camping.

I was intrigued by the look of the AAA Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel. Mainly because, even when assembled, it doesn’t look like your traditional snow shovel shape. For instance, the blade doesn’t have a wear strip and it’s not rectangular. Because of this, I was eager to see if it’d get the job done.

The coolest thing about the AAA Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel to me, though, is the three-part assembly/disassembly. I tested the claim that it could fit in a backpack—and it does. The hubby and I have already decided we’re going to take this one camping because it’s just that easy to transport. We’re also going to get one for the car for when we have to make long road trips in snowy conditions.

  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Ultralightweight at just 1.3 pounds
  • Three color options: red, blue and gold
  • Length adjustable: 25 inches to 32 inches
  • Portable: Designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble—great for road trips
  • Disassembles small enough to carry inside of a backpack
  • Great snow shovel alternative for textured surfaces as it doesn’t catch/snag as much as traditional snow shovels with a wear strip

  • It does require assembly; however, there are only three pieces to assemble and assembly is especially designed to be quick and easy, because this shovel is designed to be carried on the road for snowy car trips. Also, because it can be disassembled, it makes it really easy to store in very tight spaces, which might make this con a pro for a lot of people. Disassembled, it’s even small enough to fit in your backpack.
    aaa 4004 snow shovel


The Snow Joe Shovelution SJ-SHLV01 is able to function as a fulcrum, shifting the shovel’s leverage down to the lower hand, which allows you to shovel more with less effort.


The ergonomic D ring grips are not only comfortable and easy to grip, they feature better hand positioning, which improves overall comfort.

Spring-loaded assist handle

Snow Joe SHOVELUTION shovelThe lower handle is the spring-loaded assist handle. Not only does it improve ergonomics and leverage, the spring captures the spent energy you expend while shoveling snow and releases it back into the shovel to help you power through your next pass.

Reduces strain

The ergonomic design and fulcrum aspects of the Shovelution not only improve comfort and reduce the risk of injury, but they also reduce back strain as much as 30%.


Despite its robust bevy of features, the Shovelution is lightweight at just 2 pounds, thanks in part to its aluminum construction, which reduces the weight while retaining strength.

On the note of bigger and stronger, someone who is very tall may find the lower handle awkward. For short people like me, it’s perfect. Overall, I think the best part is the ergonomics, which are truly comfortable as far as a snow shovels go.

  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Lightweight at just 2 pounds
  • Reduces back strain up to 30%
  • Acts as a fulcrum
  • Shifts leverage lower down for improved shoveling
  • Ergonomic D grip handles
  • Spring-loaded assist captures spent energy and funnels it back to the shovel for a natural power boost
  • 18-inch wide blade
  • 2-year full warranty

  • The lower handle may be awkward for very tall users, who will likely have to bend over to use it, and for them, this may defeat the purpose. That said, users of an average adult male height or shorter won’t find this a problem.Snow Joe SHOVELUTION

Final verdict

Each of the snow shovels in this top snow shovel roundup has a lot to offer, but ultimately the standout was the Ivation Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher with 6″ Pivot Wheels & Easy Adjustable Handle for its unique design, which takes a lot of strain off the back and simply makes snow shoveling easier.Ivation Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher

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