Best Sleep Mask 2019 (February 2019)

Sleep masks are an excellent way to ensure that you are getting the most out of those precious 8 hours as possible. Using the best sleep mask 2019, you can eliminate bright visuals and sometimes even sounds from disrupting your sleep.

Sleep MaskFeatures / ReviewRatingPrice
NapForm Eye Mask BioSense memory foam made up of charcoal, green tea, and seed oil for a natural sleep aid, Contours to the face effectively, Slightly weighted for comfort Check Price On Amazon
Sleep Master Attaches with Velcro in the back, Blocks out all light, Covers the ears, Hypoallergenic, Lightweight, Satin-like exterior Check Price On Amazon
Tempur-Pedic Breathable material, Excellent for travel, Completely blocks out light, Hollowed eye areas to encourage deep, REM sleep, Well loved TEMPUR material composition Check Price On Amazon
Bedtime Bliss Breathable, High quality make-up, Effectively blocks out light, Contoured in such a way that deep REM sleep is possible, Ultra soft Check Price On Amazon
ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Breathable mulberry silk, Comfortable, adjustable headband, Can be used with earplugs and/or a CPAP mask, Great for travel, migraines, meditation and dry eyes Check Price On Amazon

NapForm mask

napform sleep maskThis mask features special BioSense memory foam inside of it, which is made up of natural green tea, charcoal and seed oil that works to provide a relaxing feel and an even more serene aroma. On the outside, there is a soft, super comfortable NapSoft fabric that works in harmony with the memory foam to refresh my tired eyes every night.

Thick and Adjustable Elastic Strap

Another great thing about the NapForm mask is the fact that it does not have a stationary strap. The strap on this sleep mask is totally adjustable which is wonderful because I often have trouble with sleep masks that must think everyone’s head is the same size. Not only is this strap completely adjustable, but the strap itself is also thick and comfortable.

Perfect for Travel

nap form eye maskWith the NapForm mask, I can effectively block out all light sources and get the sleep I desperately need after having to experience typical jet lag. It works by contouring to my face precisely in the locations in which I need it to, making sure that not even a shard of light comes through the mask, even if I open my eyes while I am wearing it.

Great for Those Who Work Overnight

If you work a night job, you must know how hard it can be to fall asleep during the day. Since the NapForm sleeping mask does work so well to cling to my face, I don’t ever have to worry about the sun coming in through the slits of my curtains and finding its way to my eyes because this mask simply will not allow it.

  • Best used during travel
  • BioSense memory foam made up of charcoal, green tea, and seed oil for a natural sleep aid
  • Contours to the face effectively
  • Perfect solution for those who must sleep during the daytime
  • Slightly weighted for comfort

  • Some of the reports online indicate that the NapForm Eye Mask’s strap sits atop the ears and therefore does not provide adequate comfort or may fall off of one’s head rather sleep mask 2019

Sleep Master Sleep Mask

Sleep Master eye maskGetting hot in the middle of the night is super uncomfortable. That said, one of my favorite things about the Sleep Master Sleep Mask is the fact that it is ultra-breathable and stays cool for the duration of my sleep. The satin exterior definitely helps this along, as it is super soft and stays cool no matter what. This sleep mask is lightweight and does not press into my face or leave any strange lines, nor does it make my eyes puffy when I wake up.

Full Coverage

The Sleep Master Sleep Mask is unique in the way that it covers everything, not just my eyes specifically. For one, the eye covering aspect of this mask dips down low enough where no light could possibly enter, but leaves plenty of room for my nose in order to breathe freely. This durable sleep mask even covers my ears, helping me to block out the sound and eliminating the need to wear uncomfortable earbuds or headphones in order to get the same results.

High-Quality Composition

Sleep Master mask for sleeping

The Sleep Master Sleep Mask’s impeccable quality can be seen and felt, as it was the moment I took it out of the box. Inside of the Sleep Master, is a cotton material that is ultra lightweight and breathable so that wearing this sleep mask does not feel stuffy or hot at all.

Hypoallergenic and Simple to Wash

Finally, the Sleep Master Sleep Mask is totally hypoallergenic for those of us with sensitive skin. Its exterior comes with zero latex involved. When it gets dirty from regular, nightly use, it is quick and simple to wash by hand with mild soap and warm water.

  • Attaches with Velcro in the back
  • Blocks out all light
  • Breathable
  • Cotton interior that is soft and breathable
  • Covers the ears
  • Easy to hand wash and to spot clean
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Is not made of latex
  • Lightweight
  • Satin-like exterior
  • Wraps around the head

  • The Sleep Master Sleep Mask is definitely on the higher end of things in terms of price.Sleep Master sleep mask

Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask

Tempur-Pedic eye maskThe Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask has ultra-soft material has a slight dip around the nose that allows me to breathe easily. When sleeping or napping during the day, the Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask blocks out every instance of sunlight so that I am not awoken rudely. It is for this reason that I also recommend it for those who travel a lot like me.

Renowned TEMPUR Material

TEMPUR uses a special material that helps their products to breathe easily and remain comfortable, no matter how much they are used. I am able to sleep on a solid schedule without ever once being woken up by being overheated or in any way uncomfortable and having to readjust this mask or take it off altogether.

Elastic and Velcro Work Harmoniously

Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask reviewThe Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask wraps all around my head and does not taper down into a thin, annoying strap towards the back. It only tapers just a bit for my comfort. The strap has been elasticized and provides simple, easy stretching but does not stretch so much that it puts pressure on my head or around my eyes. At the ends of this strap, there are Velcro closures that keep things snug and comfortable.

Hollowed Eye Areas

Finally, one of the most interesting and unique aspects of the Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask is the fact that it features hollowed out eye areas. Most other sleep masks do not seem to add this feature, so I appreciate the thoughtfulness that has gone into this style. The point of the hollowed out eye areas is to allow the person using it to have free range to move their eyes. This is important to allow the body to engage in REM sleep.

  • Breathable material
  • Comfortable, thick, elasticized strap
  • Completely blocks out light
  • Excellent for travel
  • Hollowed eye areas to encourage deep, REM sleep
  • Velcro closures on the ends of the strap ensure a snug fit
  • Well loved TEMPUR material composition

  • TEMPUR produces high-quality sleep products, but this does come with a higher price point than competing brands.
    Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask

Bedtime Bliss Contoured & Comfortable Sleep Mask

Bedtime Bliss mask for sleepingThe primary function of a sleep mask is to block out the light that inhibits sleep at all costs. The Bedtime Bliss Contoured & Comfortable Sleep Mask does that excellently and comfortably. Whether it is the light of the street lamps pouring through your blinds, the sun in the morning trying to wake you up or the afternoon sun after a long night shift, this sleep mask works wonders. It is ultra-soft and comfortable, making it so that I never have to wake up in the middle of my sleep and readjust the mask or lie a certain way in order to not become uncomfortable. From the moment I put on this lightweight sleep mask, I begin to feel relaxed which is important when unwinding for sleep.

Designed to Contour to Your Face

One of the things that make the Bedtime Bliss Contoured & Comfortable Sleep Mask so comfortable is the fact that it has been specifically designed to contour to my face. Because of the contour and its lightweight properties, I never wake up with unsightly lines on my forehead and beneath my eyes. I also do not experience any sort of pressure on my eyes as I sleep, allowing me to get the most rest possible thanks to the ability to fall into a night of deep REM sleep. For this reason, I consider this perhaps the best, easy to carry sleep mask when I want to travel. It is not bulky and it effectively blocks out the light that comes in through car or plane windows.

Perfect for a Number of Situations

Bedtime Bliss eye maskThe Bedtime Bliss Contoured & Comfortable Sleep Mask is great for an array of sleeping or relaxing situations. Aside from the ability to comfortably travel, this high quality sleep mask is great for those who work overnight shifts and are forced to sleep during the daytime. It fits perfectly on my face, and during afternoon naps, it does not allow any sunlight in, making me confident that shift workers can enjoy the same serenity in total darkness. This is also a great choice for those people who enjoy relaxing while their partners watch bright television at night. I can enjoy a peaceful, meditative session in the darkness which helps me to achieve calmness due to the deprivation of my sight, helping me avoid visual distractions.

Top-Quality Construction

Finally, the Bedtime Bliss Contoured & Comfortable Sleep Mask is made out of ultra high-quality materials. I noticed this from the moment that I took it out of its packaging and held it in my hands. The contouring is nice and thick without pressing onto my eyes and is placed in such a way that I can achieve REM sleep as I mentioned before. There is plenty of room for my eyes inside, which is imperative to a good night’s sleep. It is super lightweight and strongly built with an exceptionally soft material that makes up its exterior. I can’t wait to get this mask on when I get home from work, especially if I am experiencing any sort of a headache.

  • Breathable
  • Contoured in such a way that deep REM sleep is possible
  • Effectively blocks out light
  • High quality make-up
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for travel, naps, meditation and more
  • Super cheap sleep mask
  • Ultra soft

  • The strap. The Bedtime Bliss Contoured & Comfortable Sleep Mask comes with what I believe to be a very comfortable strap. It is nice and snug and adheres to the shape of my head very well. That said, some online reviewers have stated that the strap is a bit thinner than what they would prefer. Sometimes with thin straps on sleep masks, I do notice a sort of digging feeling, but with the Bedtime Bliss Contoured & Comfortable Sleep Mask, the strap is comfortable and does not pinch at my hair or skin. I feel this is all a matter of preference and therefore should not deter you from giving it a try.Bedtime Bliss sleep mask

ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Sleep Mask & Blindfold

ALASKA BEAR Natural SilkWhat I love about the ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Sleep Mask & Blindfold is the fact that not only has this company taken into consideration the need for total darkness in order to get the best quality of sleep possible, they have considered the general comfort of my face and eyes, too. This sleep mask is as much of an eye relaxer as it is a sleep mask and is seriously well made because of it. This mask is made from high quality, 100 percent 19 momme natural mulberry silk on both sides of its composition. This type of silk is ultra soft and super smooth and allows for a breathable and cool fabric against my face–a quality that only silk can afford. These types of masks are often used at spas and resorts, making this even more desirable.

Incredible Headband

Headbands can make or break a sleep mask, so I always pay extra attention to them when trying a new one out. The ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Sleep Mask & Blindfold is easy to adjust and gentle on my head. It doesn’t get tangled or caught in my hair like some of the Velcro masks do, nor does it pinch at my skin whatsoever. On the back of this sleep mask, there is a plastic adjuster that always remains at the back of my head instead of my temples, which is great because I often find myself sleeping on my side and that might disrupt me otherwise. The way it rests around the ears makes it so that I can wear earplugs without worry, and it sits in such a way on my nose that I know if I had to use a CPAP machine, it would fit excellently–so no worries there. The strap is fully adjustable from a length of 15.8 inches to 27.6 inches, making it ultra comfortable and definitely one that can be worn by adults and children alike.

Great for Travel

ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk sleep maskI am always looking for the next great sleep mask when it comes to traveling. Some are comfortable but too bulky and take up too much room in my carryon bag or purse, but I definitely don’t have that issue with the ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Sleep Mask & Blindfold. This sleep mask gives me the experience of total blackout darkness wherever I am while also being exceptionally lightweight and super easy to tote around. I use it at home, on planes, in cars and especially in hotel rooms where you can never seem to get the curtain to close all of the way. I feel like, without this sleep mask, I would have lost a lot of precious sleep during my travels. Instead, I know I will always wake up well rested with the ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Sleep Mask & Blindfold.

Perfect for Several Situations

Not only is the ultra-comfortable ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Sleep Mask & Blindfold great for sleeping on the go, but I have also used it in a number of other instances and it has performed well. When I come home from work and want to relax a bit while my family watches television, I can just lie on the couch with this mask on, still enjoying their company without all of the bright lights and other visuals that come with it. This sleep mask is also great for when I get bad headaches because I can comfortably and easily remove the light from my vision. I have used this mask for meditation as well! It’s great for those of us who are prone to dry eyes due to the fact that the hypoallergenic silk contains natural, breathable fibers that let in oxygen while keeping out dry air all at once.

  • Breathable mulberry silk
  • Can be used with earplugs and/or a CPAP mask
  • Comfortable, adjustable headband
  • Great for travel, migraines, meditation and dry eyes

  • The dye. I noticed that during my first few wears of the ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Sleep Mask & Blindfold that the dye rubbed off just a tiny bit onto my pillowcase, but after a few instances of hand washing, this was definitely no longer a problem. This mask is super economic and comfortable, so do not let that deter you! It only takes once or twice to eliminate this problem completely.ALASKA BEAR sleep mask

Final Verdict

napform eye mask

I choose the NapForm Eye Mask with BioSense Memory Foam as the winner of this sleep mask roundup because it is perfectly comfortable and contoured. Ultra soft, this sleep mask has a unique BioSense foam that helps to lull me to sleep much more quickly than most other masks. It is my favorite sleep mask that I have ever used during travel and absolutely no light gets through. Comfortable and effective, I recommend this mask to everyone in need of restful sleep!

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