Best Room Humidifier (August 2018)

If you are having problems with itchy eyes and a sore throat or even cracked skin, then adding in some moisture to the air might be the thing that you need to do. One of the best ways to help with adding moisture to air that is dry is with buying a humidifier. Another way a room humidifier can help is that it helps to make sure that the wallpaper does not peel and can even reduce any static electricity you might be having and can help with reducing cracks in furniture and in paint.

Many people who suffer from itchy eyes or either have problems with having a throat that is scratchy might make a mistake with spending lots of money on allergy medication without even thinking about buying a humidifier. You can save a lot of money after you figure out what best room humidifier might be the one you need to have. You will be amazed at what a huge difference the right type of humidifier really does make.

One thing to remember is that inside your house the indoor humidity should roughly be around 30 to at least 50 percent. However, if your house does not have the humidification that it needs and in the winter time it can drop even more due to the fact that that there is not a lot of moisture in the air, then that is when you can start having health problems.

We’ll present you with a few things to keep in mind when you are trying to shop for a humidifier. But first, take a look at some of our room humidifier reviews and get an overview of some of the best available room humidifiers in the market.

Room HumidifierReviewRatingPrice
Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic Cool-mist Best All Around Room Humidifier And Value For Money. Our Most Recommended Humidifier. Check Price On Amazon
Honeywell HCM350W Second Highest Recommended, Has Germ Free Feature, Cleans And Keeps Air Moisturized Check Price On Amazon
BONECO Warm or Cool Mist Higher End Unit, Best Performance, Highest Quality Build, Slightly More Expensive, Fantastic Features. Check Price On Amazon

Best Room Humidifier

Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic Cool-mist Humidifier 

The Ultrasonic room humidifier will provide you with moisture in your air for up to 16-hours continuously throughout the night. In result you should get a perfect nights sleep with this quiet technology making the air in your room suited perfectly to your needs. Should you have children, you can use the Pure Enrichments humidifier as a nightlight to help them sleep. When this unit runs out of water, it will automatically shut off and does not require any manual intervention. The Ultrasonic cool-mist humidifier can handle all medium to large sized rooms, including: bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and offices. You can position the top nozzle to your required angle/position and let the appliance do its work.

This unit does not use filters therefore you will be provided with a free cleaning brush and it is recommended to clean it frequently. It does not work with essential oils and using them may cause damage and problems with the humidifier. Pure Enrichment offers a 2 year warranty and a user manual with your purchase.

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Honeywell HCM350W Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier

The Honeywell HCM350W is a perfect humidifier to be placed in any medium sized room in your home. It is priced reasonably and will handle keeping the air inside your home at a perfect level moisture. Using filters with its Protec Antimicrobial technology, it is able to kill 99.9% of bacteria effectively, whilst also completing its job as a humidifier. You can operate this unit for 24 hours on end, without requiring a change of water or filters. With Quietcare Performance you will experience a 25% quieter humidifier than other evaporative room humidifiers.

You can expect to be saved from your dry throats, dry skin and dry coughs with this appliance, helping save you time and money on doctors appointments and feeling dragged down. This humidifier can make a world of difference, and help you stay healthy for a very reasonable price. The HCM350W comes with a 3 year warranty and a user manual.

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BONECO Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier 7147

The BONECO company has been around for a very long time, providing humidifiers since the early 1950s. This BONECO humidifier is a higher end product providing the most high quality performance available on the market. Using ITC technology it will automatically adjust the rooms temperature and make the humidity match the temperature in the room, providing you the ultimate comfortable breathing experience.

To get optimum performance we recommend you fill the water tank once per day and select the preheating feature to disperse the mist at 104 degrees, the perfect temperature. The water tank holds 1.3 gallons of water and we recommend that you set the humidity level to 40%. Although on the lower end BONECO does offer a 1 year warranty and a user manual. We still think this is the best room humidifier is you are able to spend the extra cash.

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Humidifier Buying Tips

A lot of people tend to look at the style of the humidifier instead of reviewing the substance of it first. If a model looks like art deco or either resembles some type of radio, might look very cute in your home but sometimes the output on them is low. This is not true of all the ones that look cute and adorable so that is why it’s vital to always check the substance of the humidifier.

Another thing to remember is that just because it might be more expensive then a cheaper one does not always mean that it is the best one for you to have. You can often times find a great humidifier at a reasonable price that was designed for the average home. Some of the more expensive ones might also be designed more for the office or place of work.  A few of the known brands include Homedics humidifiers, Crane Ultrasonic humidifiers, and Bionaire Ultrasonic humidifiers and the prices greatly vary between these three known brands.

Maintenance Consideration:

When you buy the humidifier look at what it takes to keep it clean. The tanks will need to be often times rinsed daily and the water will need to be changed daily. The tank might also need to be disinfected at least once a week and maybe, sometimes more. When users have a busy schedule, then reviewing as to how much maintenance is required might be something for you to check into before getting one.

The features on all humidifiers vary and sometimes, the bigger humidifiers might have more features but then you might find the reserve and see that some of the smaller humidifiers have more features. Some features might include a clock and a night light and some of the more recent ones could have LCD displays on them. If you want a certain feature then review all of the humidifiers and get the one that has the feature that you need.


The noise of a humidifier is something else to take into consideration. It doesn’t matter if it is big or if it is small because a humidifier can still be loud. If you already have a console model or air conditioner in the bedroom and they are both loud, then the humidifier might be something else that could end up bringing in even more noise to the room. If you are very worried about the noise then all you need to do is just research silent humidifiers and a few known brands will come up, such as the Honeywell quiet care humidifier.

Types of Humidifiers

There are three main known types of humidifiers being a console, tabletop and also duct. It all depends on what type of humidifier you need, how much space you have, what is convenient for you to use and how loud it might be.

A tabletop humidifier often times does not cost as much because they are designed for just one room and the tanks are smaller than a lot of other humidifiers. One example of a tabletop humidifier is the crane drop shape from Ultrasonic.

The console humidifier tends to be bigger than most tabletop humidifiers. You can also still easily move them around as needed. They generate a lot of air that is moist compared to the other humidifiers. However, one thing to take into consideration is that they also require more maintenance than some of the other ones available. Honeywell also has some known console humidifiers.

If you are in a situation to where the heating system has forced air then you might want to consider looking into getting an in-duct humidifier. These types of humidifiers come with a lot of features to them and can be very handy to have but at the same time, they are also expensive and might also require a professional to come out and install it.

A few more things to consider when buying humidifiers…

Most humidifiers should be very easy to clean and move. If you have health problems always look for a humidifier that’s small and light weight and find one that you know that won’t be extremely heavy to move around. Always measure how much space you have available before buying one to make sure that you pick a humidifier that you can fit in your room properly without it taking up to much space.

Look out for humidifiers that have features on them that are user-friendly and that you can understand. Having a lot of features on a humidifier can be handy but sometimes it can also overwhelm people who might not understand how to use them. Look at the digital controls to see if you can figure out how to work it and also look at the humidity levels plus the settings of each one. If you are unsure about how the features work before you buy it then see if comes with a guide or either contact costumer support and see if they can help you with any questions that you might have before you buy it.

Another feature to think about in humidifiers is that some humidifiers have it to where it shuts off automatically whenever it reaches a certain level with the humidity. Older models might not have this feature and could cause mold and bacteria to grow in the home and might even cause dust mites to start popping up.

A lot of humidifiers now comes with a timer which helps you to be able to set the time on them so that way your room is at the temperature you want it to be in when you are home. However, one thing to remember is that sometimes when the water is in the tank for several hours then microbes might start breeding so it’s very important that the humidifier stays dry when it’s not being used.

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