Best Pizzelle Maker 2019 (February 2019)

Pizzelle’s with their fancy designs not only look amazing but taste great too. Made with flour, eggs, sugar, and butter, they can be seen as a combination between a waffle and a cookie. We’ve summarized the best pizzelle maker 2019 into our favorite picks below.

Pizzelle MakerFeatures / ReviewRatingPrice
Chef's Choice 835 Easy to clean, Comes with a complimentary cannoli form and recipe book, Upright storage takes up less counter space Check Price On Amazon
Piccolo by Cucina Pro Easy to clean, Makes four pizzelles at once, 100% non-stick, Steam guard Check Price On Amazon
Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Bakes 4-inch pizzelles, Compact design makes it easy to store, Complimentary measuring spoon and cannoli dowel Check Price On Amazon
VillaWare V5000-NS Makes large 5-inch wafers, Quick cooking time, Steam guard to prevent burns, Easy to clean chrome casing Check Price On Amazon
Palmer Pizzelle Maker Authentic Italian design, Beautiful wafer patterns, Makes large 5-inch pizzelles, Lightweight aluminum Check Price On Amazon

Chef’s Choice 835 Pizzelle Pro Express Bake

If you enjoy tasty Italian wafers, then you’re going to love the Chef’s Choice Pizzelle maker. This pizzelle maker is fast, easy to use and store, and gives you control over how soft or crunchy you want to make your Pizzelles. What we like about this product:

Non-Stick Coating

Chef's Choice 835 pizzelle makerEverybody loves a fresh pizzelle, but nobody likes the clean up afterward. Often, traditional pizzelle makers can be hard to clean. The batter tends to stick to the metal and requires heavy scrubbing and soap to clean.

The Chef’s Choice pizzelle maker is coated with a non-stick material. This means that your pizzelles will practically fall out once they’re finished baking. No more pulling, prying and tearing to get your pizzelles out. The coating also allows for it to be incredibly easy to clean up. Simply wipe the metal down with a warm towel, and it’s ready to store.

Complimentary Cannoli Rolling Form and Recipe Book

Everybody likes free gifts right? The Chefs Choice pizzelle maker comes with a high-quality wooden cannoli rolling form. No longer will you have to frantically search your kitchen for a cylinder around which to wrap your cannolis. This handy tool is perfectly-sized for a 3-inch cannoli wrap.

In addition to the free rolling form, you will also be given a complimentary recipe book. Everybody loves pizzelles, but there are quite a few other delicious Italian desserts that can be made with the batter. With all these recipes at your fingertips, you’re bound to be the life of the party!

Makes Three Pizzelles At Once

They say that three is the perfect number, and in this case, it is. With the Chef’s Choice, you can make three pizzelles at once. This unit only takes 60-seconds to cook all three as well. That means in 10-minutes you can have thirty delicious pizzelles ready to serve.

The mold is 3-inches wide, which is the perfect size for a party or small gathering. The wafers can be served by themselves, or they can be wrapped into small cannolis.

Color Selecting Control

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of burning your pizzelles, or even worse, lifting up the top too early only to have batter spill everywhere? With this pizzelle maker, you’ll never have to worry about that ever again.

This model has a convenient adjustment knob on the side you can you pre-program whether you want yellow, golden, or browned pizzelles. You are guaranteed to have the perfect pizzelle every time, or you can create a mixed variety batch that will be sure to appeal to everybody.

Easy To Store

Another great feature of the Chef’s Choice pizzelle maker is that it’s very easy to store. Most competitors take up a lot of room and require you to have the necessary counter space available to fit them. This unit stores in an upright position which makes it ideal for those who have less storage room.

In Review:

If you’re looking for an affordable pizzelle maker, that’s easy to clean and easier to store, then the Chef’s Choice 835 is the right choice for you.

  • Easy to clean
  • Upright storage takes up less counter space
  • Comes with a complimentary cannoli form and recipe book

  • Is only able to make small 3-inch pizzelles
  • Can only make three pizzelles at a timebest pizzelle maker 2019

Piccolo Pizzelle Baker by Cucina Pro

Piccolo Pizzelle makerIf you’re trying to make enough pizzelles to pass around at your upcoming party, then the Piccolo Pizzelle Baker by Cucina Pro is the kitchen tool you need in your arsenal. It’s intricate design patterns, and quality construction will ensure that you’ll be able to make pizzelles for years. What we like about this product:

Makes Four Pizzelles At A Time

If you plan on cooking for a party, then you need this pizzelle maker. It can cook four mini pizzelles at a time, and only takes about a minute to do so. That means you can easily pop out forty of the delicious wafers in only 10-minutes.

The problem with a lot of traditional pizzelle makers is that while they can bake larger wafers, they can only make one or two at a time. If you wanted to make a large platter to share, you would have to spend significantly more time in the kitchen and spend less time entertaining your guest.

Steam Guard

Have you ever had a steam burn before? If you spend any time in the kitchen baking, then you definitely have, and you know just how painful they can be. Pizzelle makers can release a lot of steam when you open the lid, and with your hand right in its path, you can receive a nasty burn.

The Piccolo Baker was thoughtfully designed for the veteran baker and has a handy little steam guard on the handle. This little guard redirects steam to the sides, saving your hands from injury. When the time comes, you’ll be glad you purchased this unit.

Even Heat Distribution

Have you ever been in the kitchen timing your pizzelles perfectly only to lift up the lid, and have two perfect pizzelles and one that was overcooked or still too raw? This is due to the baking plates having a poor heat distribution. This often occurs when the electric heating coils are underpowered, or the plates are too thin.

The Piccolo Baker is made with thick, heavy baking plates that ensure an even heat distribution, and guarantee that all four of your pizzelles will cook at the same rate. These thick plates are also incredibly durable, and you’ll never have to worry about them cracking or chipping over time.

Non-Stick Coating

This unit has a 100% non-stick coating. That means even the outside edges and handles are safe from the sticky batter and are easy to clean. Many competitors have non-stick baking plates, but if any batter is left dripping from the corners or on the handle, it can be a pain to clean. To preserve this coating, the manufacturer recommends hand washing only.

  • Easy to clean
  • Makes four pizzelles at once
  • 100% non-stick
  • Steam guard

  • Hand wash only
  • Only capable of making 3.25” mini pizzellesPiccolo Pizzelle Baker by Cucina Pro

Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Pizzelle Press

If you’re looking for a compact, easy to store, and easy to clean pizzelle press that makes medium-sized wafers, then the Cuisinart Pizzelle Press is the unit that you need to be looking at. This is a perfect baker for personal use and comes with Cuisinart’s industry-leading 3-year warranty. What we like about this product:

Bakes Medium-Sized 4-inch Pizzelles

Cuisinart WM-PZ2While having the ability to bake a bunch of small pizzelles at one time may be great for a large party, mini pizzelles aren’t quite as fun if it’s just you and your family involved. The Cuisinart Press can handle two 4-inch pizzelles at a time.

This is the perfect size if you’re just going to be baking for a few guests. They’re more enjoyable and have the added benefit of being an excellent size for cannoli wraps if you’re feeling extra creative.

Locking Lid

Many cheap competing presses are unable to cook the pizzelles evenly. This is usually because the baking plates aren’t heavy enough, or because the unit lacks a clamp to distribute the weight of the plates evenly.

The Cuisinart Press has a quick-release clamp that automatically snaps shut with the lid. It will ensure the plates’ weight is well-distributed and that your pizzelles get cooked uniformly. To release the lock, just press down on the tab, and the lid will be free for you to lift.

Easy to Clean Stainless Steel

Making pizzelles can be messy. There’s a lot of sticky batter dripping around, and if unless you can catch every drop in mid-air, there’s bound to be at least a small mess to clean up when you’re finished baking.

Fortunately, the Cuisinart press is made with high-quality, brushed stainless steel. Not only does this make it look nice, but it also makes the unit incredibly easy to clean. The only cleaning that you will need to perform is a quick wipe-down with a warm towel. No scrubbing or scraping required.

Free Measuring Spoon and Rolling Dowel

If you’re new to making pizzelles, it can be hard to judge the correct amount of batter. More often than not, you will end up using too much batter which will cause your pizzelles to fuse together and dough to be squeezed out of the edges. While this isn’t detrimental, it certainly doesn’t make for a very attractive wafer.

This model comes with a complimentary measuring spoon so that you always use the correct amount of batter. No more, no less. It also comes with a small rolling dowel to shape cannoli’s should you be so inclined.

Adjustable Browning Meter

This unit has a five-stage browning meter that goes from light yellow to dark brown. So whether you prefer your pizzelles soft like a waffle, firm and crunchy, or somewhere in between, the choice is yours.

  • Bakes 4-inch pizzelles
  • Compact design makes it easy to store
  • Complimentary measuring spoon and cannoli dowel

  • Only makes two pizzelles at a timeCuisinart WM-PZ2 pizzelle maker

VillaWare Pizzelle Baker

If you’re trying to make some of the most beautiful pizzelles you’ve ever seen, then the VillaWare Pizzelle Baker needs to be on your radar. It can make large pizzelles in half the time that competing brands take, and is built to pass the strict North American Electrical Standards test. What we like about this product:

Beautiful Designs

VillaWare V5000-NS pizzelle makerIf you want to make a truly beautiful pizzelle that will impress your whole family, then this is the press you need to purchase. The VillaWare pizzelle baker offers two beautiful traditional Italian Fiori designs that will make even a novice baker appear as if he had been trained for generations in the heart of Italy.

This press also makes large 5-inch wafers which are more than enough for one person. These wide wafers are particularly good if you wish to make cannolis or other Italian pastries.

Ultra-Fast Baking

Most presses take at least a minute to cook your pizzelles thoroughly, but the VillaWare baker takes only 30-seconds. That means that you’ll have two warm, large, delicious pizzelles ready to eat before you can even blink.

This makes the unit especially good if you need to crank out a large batch of pizzelles for a party. You can easily make over forty large 5-inch pizzelles in less than 10-minutes. The fast cooking speed combined with the large wafers means that you’ll be able to operate at your maximum level of productivity in the kitchen.

Steam Guard

Traditional pizzelle makers usually only have a small tab and require you to wear oven mitts while opening the lid. Not only does this make the lid harder to lift, but it puts your hands right where all the steam is released.

Nothing entirely ruins a fun night of baking like a severe burn. Steam burns can often take days or even weeks to heal. Unlike many competing presses, the VillaWare press has a steam guarded handle that will prevent you from ever getting burnt during your baking.

Thermostat and Indicator Lights

A lot of presses involve a lot of guesswork when it comes to figuring out whether your press is ready or not. You will have to continually look at the timer, or test the cooking plates with your fingertip to see if they’re hot enough.

The VillaWare baker, on the other hand, has a handy little thermometer that accurately measures the temperature of the cooking plates and has little indicator lights that let you know the status of your press. When you see the light blink, the plates will be the perfect temperature to cook the delicate pizzelles.

In Review:

If you want your pizzelles to look like they came from an authentic Italian bakery, then the VillaWare Pizzelle baker is the best press on the market! It can make large wafers in half the time of competing brands and is a necessary addition to any professional baker’s kitchen arsenal.

  • Makes large 5-inch wafers
  • Quick cooking time
  • Steam guard to prevent burns
  • Easy to clean chrome casing

  • Can only make two wafers at a time
  • Does not offer the option to make mini pizzellesVillaWare V5000-NS

Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic

Palmer Pizzelle Maker ClassicIf you want a classic-looking pizzelle maker that looks like it just came out of your grandmother’s kitchen, then the Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic is the best choice for you. It was engineered by an Italian blacksmith who’s been making authentic cookware since the 1940s.  This press is lightweight and offers two incredibly intricate designs that are guaranteed to be eye-catchers. What we like about this product:

Made in the USA

In an age where almost every product on the market is made in a foreign country, you can take pride in the knowledge that you’re supporting a classic American company. Not many manufacturers can claim that.

Carmen Palmieri founded C. Palmer Manufacturing Co. in 1943 out his basement. He was convinced of the benefits producing kitchenware from cast aluminum and went to work doing what he loved.

In 1964, his son John, who was an electrical engineer in the Navy helped his father build the first large plant, and business took off from there. The Pizzelle Press was one of the first products that Carmen Palmieri made, and the design harks to his old Italian heritage. It doesn’t get much more authentic than this.

Forged From Cast Aluminum

Most pizzelle presses on the market are made out of cast iron or a coated steel. This unit is hand-crafted from forged aluminum though. While more expensive than a traditional iron, aluminum is far more durable and easy to mold. That’s what allows these wafers to have their intricate design patterns. A cast iron plate could never create the fine lines that this unit can.

The other advantage of using cast aluminum is that it’s incredibly lightweight. Most presses are heavy, clunky, and awkward to move. This unit weighs a mere 5-pounds which makes it easy to store or move.

Makes Large Wafers

If you’re going to make one of the world’s tastiest treats, then you might as well make them large right? The Palmer Pizzelle press makes 5-inch wide wafers that are perfect for displaying the beautiful designs or wrapping up other tasty Italian pastries.

Classic Look

The founder of the company wanted to create the most authentic pizzelle press on the market, and he definitely succeeded. He is an Italian immigrant, and Italy is the original home of the pizzelle.

While it has a classic look, it still has modern features like electrical heating, non-stick coating, and a steam-guarded plastic handle. These ensure that the unit is both safe for everyday use, and is easy to clean up.

If you want to get as close as possible to authentic Italian pastries, then the Palmer Pizzelle Press is what you’re searching for. It’s made in the USA by a first-generation Italian immigrant. This press is lightweight, easy to use, and produces beautifully designed wafers with its temperature recovery technology. Although it’s not an electric pizzelle press or a nonstick pizzelle maker it performs great.

  • Authentic Italian design
  • Beautiful wafer patterns
  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Makes large 5-inch pizzelles

  • Only makes two pizzelles at a time
  • The intricate lines in the press can make it difficult to cleanPalmer Pizzelle Maker

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