Best Lawn Mower (August 2018)

One thing cannot be perfect for every one. For each person wanting to find the best lawn mower, they have to consider that everyone has a lawn of different size, and different type of grass, plus a lot depends on their physical capabilities as well. Many types of lawn mowers are available in the market. After some research and reviewing the market, we found the most bought and appreciated lawn mowers. Four good lawn mowers reviews are below for your convenience to help you make an informed choice.

Like I said before, one mower cannot be perfect for everyone.  When we surveyed and interviewed people, each person took the name of a different lawn mower. Some gave importance to the lawn size and type of grass, some wanted fuel based, others preferred battery powered. The most talked about features among the people we interviewed are listed below, alongside the lawn mower that has the capability.

Best Lawn Mower

Husqvarna is one of the oldest companies manufacturing garden equipment from decades and gaining strength in competition with time.  The Husqvarna 7021P is an efficient lawn mower which can give your lawn a clean tidy look and make your lawn stand out in the neighbourhood. Garden lovers will rush to have it after reading its key features.

Key Features:

Some of the attractive features of Husqvarna 7021P Honda GCV160 Lawn Mower are:

Smart Look: It has an attractive smart body with 38 inches length, 68 inches height, 23 inches width, which catches the eye of a buyer at its first sight.

Ideal Small Yard Equipment: Husqvarna 7021P is ideal for smaller yards. Nonetheless, it works efficiently on large areas as well.

Gas Powered: It is gas powered, does not consume much fuel, and consequently light on pocket.

Fuel Tank Capacity: This attractive lawn mower by Husqvarna has fuel tank capacity of 0.98 quart and cylinder displacement is 160cc.

Good quality engine:  Most important thing in any garden equipment is its engine. Powered by Honda 160 GCV engine, the quality of this lawn mower speaks of itself. 6.9 pounds per foot gross torque is generated by this powerful and efficient engine.

Versatile cuts: Unlike other lawn mowers, Husqvarna 7021P Honda GCV160 Lawn Mower offers 21 inch cutting width which is the maximum width by any mower. Moreover, 1.5 to 3.5 cutting height plus six height increments, and 4 point height adjustments. Ask yourself, has any product featured more?

Multifunctional: It helps you in mulching the grass while giving back the needed nutrients to the soil, provides side discharge facility and gathers the cut grass in the rear bag itself. Like a hardworking partner, does not ask much from you.

Easily Maneuverable: Husqvarna 7021P is so easy to maneuver especially with the help of 12 inches back wheels, working on uneven, irregular ground, bumpy edges and tiresome bushes around the trees does not seem difficult at all. In short, it is tough on rough edges.

Easy Handling: This lawn mower by Husqvarna is easy to move with its user friendly handle. It has a good grip, easy to move plus foldable. When not in use the handle can be folded for compact storage.

Collection Volume: This mower can collect 2 bushels of grass in its rear bag easily.

Warranty: Husqvarna offers two year limited warranty for this product.

  • Good quality engine
  • Smartly constructed
  • Tough on rough soil
  • Easily maneuverable
  • 9 gross torque
  • Cost friendly
  • Great functioning
  • Versatile cutting
  • Ideal for small yards

  • Few people had problems contacting the service center and the staff did not cooperate nicely with them. 2 different warranty cards are little confusing.

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