Best Hair Dryer 2019 (February 2019)

Hair dryers are essentially the backbone of hair styling. In our modern era getting the best hair dryer 2019 is essential for getting the most stunning looks.

Hair DryerFeatures / ReviewRatingPrice
RUSK Engineering 1900 Watt Dryer Easy to use, Very lightweight, Seven different speed settings give ultimate control, Diffuser and concentrator attachments work great Check Price On Amazon
xtava Peony 1875W Hair Dryer Thanks to its compact design, you can easily travel with it, Designed with easy DIY blowouts in mind, Advanced ionic technology improves drying time while reducing frizz Check Price On Amazon
BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer Has a modern, professional aesthetic design, Weighs only 2 pounds, Made with a narrow barrel, Micro concentrator enhances the effects of the already narrow barrel Check Price On Amazon

RUSK Engineering 1900 Watt Dryer

best hair dryer 2019At only 2.2 pounds, this hair dryer is super light and easy to wield. My hair is thick and can take some time to dry even with the best dryers on high settings, so I know what it’s like to use a heavy, cheap hair dryer and my experience with the lightweight Rusk dryer is totally the opposite of that—my arm didn’t get tired at all.

Made of ceramic and titanium

The body of the hairdryer is made with ceramic and titanium to maximize heat transfer, ensuring that your hair is dried quickly but without all the damage that ceramic-less models can inflict on your hair.

Diffuser and concentrator nozzle attachments included

While many people dry their hair easily with just the basic hairdryer itself, others need attachments to get the look they want. Sometimes, hair dryers don’t come with these attachments. However, the Rusk hair dryer does. You can use the diffuser to gently dry your curls while maintaining their natural beauty, while the concentrator attachment causes the airflow to become more concentrated (as the name suggests), which makes it flow faster, resulting in sleeker, silkier hair.

7-speed settings

To get the best hair looks, it’s important to have a variety of speed settings, which ultimately control heat level. Everyone has a different hair texture, type, thickness, etc. By being able to customize the speed settings, you can choose what’s best for your hair and the style you’re going for.

First impression

My first impression of the Rusk hair dryer was its cool looks. It’s a very gender neutral design, making it a hair dryer my son wouldn’t blush at using. (Which is a great help in the mornings, I might add.)

There are a lot of lightweight hair dryers out there today, so I was curious to see how this one would differ from others. Immediately, I was blown away (pun intended) by how powerful it is. For my first use, I put it on high to do a rough blow dry before further styling my hair, and was pleased by how fast it dried my hair.

When I was reading blow dryer reviews while shopping around, the one thing people seemed to complain about was the concentrator nozzle feeling loose or even falling off. That was the one thing I was worried about. It did feel slightly loose when I put it on, but I quickly realized it just needs to be pushed down on a little further; in other words, it just needed to be secured, so maybe a failure to secure it properly was what was wrong on other people’s dryers. I don’t know if that’s for sure, but it definitely solved mine. I’ve had it for months back and my concentrator nozzle is still going strong.

The only close to competing for hair dryer would be the Dyson supersonic hair dryer which has a power level of 1875 watt and is a pro dryer but it’s far too expensive for most people.

  • Easy to use
  • Very lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Seven different speed settings give ultimate control
  • Diffuser and concentrator attachments work great
  • Ceramic and titanium construction is both durable and great for heat transfer
  • Ultimately, a great hair dryer for all hair types due to its versatility

  • Some people have complained about the concentrator attachment was loose and a few said theirs fell off.

xtava Peony 1875W Hair Dryer

xtava Peony 1875W Hair DryerThe ionic technology on the Peony releases negative ions which reduce frizz and allows you to dry your hair 80% faster. The world is full of fast hair dryers, but what’s the point if it frizzes up your hair? Luckily, that’s not a probably with the Peony’s ionic technology.

Concentrator nozzle included

The Peony’s concentrator nozzle is part of its blowout optimization. The concentrator encourages your hair to be smooth and straight, making for a modern look.

An ultra-light hair dryer

The Peony weighs less than a pound, making it perhaps the perfect hair dryer in the extreme lightness category. You can be certain your arms won’t be fatigued with this model.

Ergonomic design

An ergonomic design makes this dryer easy to use for both righties and lefties while it’s 360-degree swiveling cord further decreases strain on your arm during usage for an overall easier drying experience.

Speed and heat controls

The Peony has two different speed settings and two different settings as well as something called a cool shot button, which allows you to customize your blowout for a better look, keeping your own hair texture and thickness in mind.

First impression

Obviously, the first thing I was struck by was the bright pink color. I actually kind of like it for its originality if nothing else. I tend towards more modern, gender neutral designs, but I think it’s a great look for the girly girl or the person who just wants to make a statement.

While using the Peony, I found the 360-swivel cord extremely useful. That, combined with the very lightweight, the ergonomic design definitely made it easy to use and operate.

I used it to blow out my hair and my daughter’s and found that it really does reduce frizz. We both have incredibly wavy hair which can be prone to frizz even in good conditions, but the Peony definitely knocked it down and made our hair look smooth.

  • The shocking pink color of the xtava Peony is super stylish and statement making; you’ll never get your hair dryer confused with a friend or a coworker’s.
  • Thanks to its compact design, you can easily travel with it.
  • Designed with easy DIY blowouts in mind
  • Advanced ionic technology improves drying time while reducing frizz
  • Two heat settings, two-speed settings
  • A cool shot button for more versatility
  • Ergonomic
  • One of the lightest weight hair dryers on the market today

  • While many will love the bright pink hue of this dryer, others may not. It’s definitely not a hair dryer that blends in, so some may see its color as a con. However, that’s all down to a personal taste thing, so it has no bearing on how well the xtava Peony functions.
  • According to xtava, their warranty is only valid if you buy their product via their approved Amazon dealers. However, when you click the product page, you can easily contact them and verify that the dealer you’re buying from is authorized.

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme DryerThe BaBylissPro’s removable filter is a standout and allows for easy hair dryer cleaning and maintenance, which keeps your dryer running smoother, longer.

6 speed and heat combinations

The speed and heat combinations allow you to customize your blow-drying experience so that you can get the right settings for your specific hair type as well as the style you’re trying to achieve.

Narrow barrel

The narrow barrel construction acts like a built-in concentrator attachment so that even without an added concentrator you can get your hair dried quickly and the result is sleek and cool.

Micro concentrator nozzle

The concentrator nozzle on the BaBylissPro Ceramix Xtreme Dryer is smaller than some other models so that you can get an ultra-concentrated blowout. Your hair ends up drying quicker and the effects of the concentrator are amped up as a result of its small size.

First impression

I really like the striking solid black look. As I said before, I like the whole gender-neutral aesthetic and this hair dryer has it. Macho men won’t be afraid to use it, so if your hubby is one of those guys that hates using products and tools “for girls”, he definitely won’t mind this dryer.

Aside from looks, I think the narrow barrel is a clever touch. The Xtreme dries quickly and the micro-concentrator amplifies its already great speed capabilities.

The big thing that I like is the removable filter because trapped hair can really shorten the life of your dryer, so that’s a plus in my book.

  • Has a modern, professional aesthetic design
  • Weighs only 2 pounds
  • Made with a narrow barrel
  • Micro concentrator enhances the effects of the already narrow barrel
  • Six speed and heat combinations make for versatility
  • Removable filter makes maintenance easier

  • A few customers have reported issues with electrical outlets and sparks shooting. This is likely due to a bad batch made at the factory or some similar issue which would cause a minority of those sold to do stuff like this. If this rare issue happens to you, call customer service and report the issue. They should make it right. Remember, any product can go bad at any time, so that’s good blanket advice any time there is an issue with quality control in an otherwise good product.


RUSK 1900 Watt Dryer

While each of these three dryers had great performance, the ultimate winner is easily the RUSK Engineering CTC Lite Technology Professional Lightweight 1900 Watt Dryer. The main reason the Rusk dryer was the ultimate winner was down to its versatile settings combined with its consistent performance. No matter how I styled my hair, or what settings I chose, the results were always fantastic. My hair never felt damaged and always felt smooth, even when I used the high setting to do a quick blow dry. It’s truly a quality product and I’m still happy with it to this day.

The benefits of buying a hair dryer

The number one benefit of buying a hair dryer is that it dries your hair in a fraction of the time it takes to air dry your hair; the longer your hair is, the more you will notice the speed and convenience. In today’s busy world, nobody has time to wait around for wet hair to dry on its own. Each morning, you have to leave the house with dry and styled hair and you have very little time to accomplish that in, if you’re like most working women—that is what makes a hair dryer so invaluable; it’s a tool that makes modern life easier instead of harder.

Another reason to buy a hair dryer for achieving certain hair styles. For instance, if you plan to curl your hair with a curling iron or a styling wand, your hair needs to be almost or completely dry for best results. Curling your hair already takes time on its own, so it’s smart to use a hair dryer to speed up the whole styling process as well as giving yourself a nice dry head of hair to work with, much like a painter’s blank canvas.

Hair dryers are also great for people who like to straighten their hair but don’t own a hair straightener. Simply use a round brush on partially dry hair, place it under sections of hair at the root and brush downward while blowing it dry with a hair dryer. That is just one example of how a hair dryer can be more versatile than most people realize. Hair dryers really don’t get enough credit or thanks for making our lives easier, if you think about it!

What to consider when buying a hair dryer

When buying a hairdryer, look at speed settings. A cheap hair dryer or an older hair dryer may just have two settings: “hot” and “cool”. And while that may work for some people, it’s not exactly great for your hair as hot can sometimes be too hot, and cool takes forever. And that’s just factoring in the health of your hair and scalp. Another reason to get a dryer with multiple speed settings is it gives you more versatility when it comes to styling.
Always consider what the hairdryer itself is made from. They can be comprised of a variety of materials; some are two or more materials mixed together. For best heat distribution, look for a hairdryer that is made with ceramic. When you think of ceramic, you probably think of pottery. But there’s a reason ceramics are fired in a kiln—they respond to heat. The type of ceramic that’s used to make hair dryers works by distributing the heat in a better way than other materials are capable of, making your hair dry better while also making your hair less likely to be damaged from the heat.
When shopping, look at what comes with the hair dryer. Often, hair dryers will be accompanied with different attachments, like a diffuser. These attachments are easy to add to the hairdryer and they further refine your style. In the case of a diffuser, it’s used to keep curly hair from getting frizzy during the blow-drying process. The end result is better-defined curls that look how your curls are supposed to natural look, instead of a fried 1980’s type thing.

Always keep in mind not only how many watts the dryer has, but also if its power cord and voltage can be used in your area. For instance, an American plug is incompatible with European outlets. If the hairdryer doesn’t support your outlet or voltage, contact the company and see if they have the same or a similar model that’s designed for use in your region. Trying to use an incompatible device can be dangerous or at the very least, ruin your new hair dryer, neither of which are good things.

Tips on how to choose the correct for your needs

The first thing to check is that the hair dryer can be used in your country or that they have an alternate version of the same model that can be used in your country. People forget that can be an issue, but it’s the first thing to check for if you’re shopping from abroad.

Some more tips on how to find the right hair dryer for your needs are:

  • Look for hair dryers that are made with ceramic: The heat transfers better and it will help protect your hair from damage that can be caused by excessive or concentrated heat.
  • Check out the speed settings: The more styling you plan to do with your hair, or if your hair and/or scalp are sensitive, the more speed settings you need. Typically, the higher the speed setting, the higher the heat. Models that only have a hot and a cool setting are not ideal for those with sensitive scalps or who need versatility in the heat for hairstyling. Moreover, they’re outdated and inconvenient.
  • Read hair dryer reviews: This is crucial, because you’re never going to get the real details on a product without seeing what others think of it. Sure, you can read product specs all day long, but reading user experiences is important too, because then you can get a full picture of the product as a whole.
  • Look at wattage: Watts indicate power and if you need a heavy-duty hair dryer, go for one with a higher wattage.
  • Consider how much the hair dryer weighs: Professional stylists are pretty savvy about how much weight they can handle in their dryers, because they’ve been doing it so long day in and day out. However, the average consumer really needs to bear this in mind. The longer your hair is, the longer you’ll be holding up your hair dryer, so it’s important to go for a lightweight model, if you can—especially if you have back, neck or shoulder problems, because it will only aggravate those issues if the hair dryer is excessively heavy.
  • Make sure that the hair dryer you want has the attachments you need: For example, those with curly hair should always go for a model that comes with a diffuser for best results.

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