Best Hair Curler 2019 (February 2019)

Hair curlers are excellent accessories for people like me who have straight or moderately wavy hair to get a little more volume. I set out on a mission to find the best hair curler 2019, and maybe my reviews can save you some time and effort on doing the same.

Hair CurlerFeatures / ReviewRatingPrice
Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret Ergonomic, Energy efficient, Even heating, Two unique heat settings, Unique design, Protects against heat damage Check Price On Amazon
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Brushless motor, Instant heat up time of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, Long-lasting motor, Dual-heaters for wrap-around, even heating Check Price On Amazon
Remington CI9538 T|Studio 3-second heat up time, Easy to read digital display, Ceramic and pearl-infused heating wand, 60-minute auto shut off feature for safety Check Price On Amazon

Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret

I love my hair more than anything. It is my favorite part of my beauty routine, simply because it has so much potential to have so many unique things done to it. Because of this, I always make sure that whatever beauty products I am using considers the health of my hair first, and the styling aspect of it secondly. That said, one of the most annoying things about most hair curlers is that my long hair often tends to wrap around it and get stuck, which not only hurts a little, it can cause heat damage to my hair. The Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret does not give me such a problem. It has this safety sensor that keeps my hair in check and gives me tangle-free curls every time. I’ve used it on my long, thick straight hair as well as my sister’s medium length thin hair and it gives great results both times, leading me to believe this might be the best curling wand in regards to universal use for all hair types and lengths, too.

Protects Hair from Damage

CONAIR INFINITIPROAs I mentioned, hair damage is a huge concern of mine when using heat products. Healthy hair is important to me, and the Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret has a tourmaline ceramic technology that at once protects my hair from heat damage and takes away any static or frizz. My curls come out shiny and smooth and looking healthy every time and this product never leaves me wondering if I have damaged my hair with the heat.

It has a unique operation as well that is unlike any other curling iron I have ever used. This product works by pulling my hair automatically and very gently into the ceramic curl chamber instead of me having to spend time wrapping and wrapping my hair around an elongated wand. From there, it holds the hair inside of the heating chamber for a certain amount of time and is heated from every angle. When I release the curler, my hair comes out with the most excellent curl every time. I have yet to be disappointed with my results and sincerely doubt that I ever will be.

Professional Level Motor

I like to always get the highest quality hair products that I can because I take very good care of my locks and don’t want to damage them. I also only like to spend money on a product once every few years, so I was absolutely delighted when I learned about the Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret. This curler features a professional grade brushless motor that styles the hair precisely how I want it to. It also serves to give the curler itself a much longer life, knowing that it won’t die on me because it was cheaply made. It is this motor that also helps with preventing heat damage!

Even and Instant Heat

I love that the Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret gives me heat right away. Sometimes when I wake up late for work or am rushing out the door for dinner plans, I want to look my best but do not always have time to wait to get ready. This curler has an ultra high-performance heater that heats up instantly. I can go as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit right away for super long-lasting curls or waves. This saves me so much time. It also works to deliver heat evenly and I haven’t noticed any crimps or straight spots in my curls at all. There is a V-shaped hair guide in the center that ensures all of this heat is delivered from all sides at all time.

Multiple Choices Regarding Curl Types

Finally, one of the notable things about this Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret styler is that it gives me the option between two distinct heat settings. It also features 3 timer functions so that I can choose how I want my curls to look at any given time, including loose curly waves, medium-tight curls, and tight curls. It is super ergonomic and easy to hold so my arm and hands don’t get tired standing there as I curl each lock. It is worth mentioning that this curler comes with a sleep mode that makes it more energy efficient by way of reducing power as well as an auto-shutoff safety feature.

  • Energy efficient
  • Ergonomic
  • Even heating
  • Instant heating capabilities up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for long-lasting curls
  • Protects against heat damage
  • Safety shut-off feature
  • Tangle-free, frizz-free curls
  • Three different modes of curling: loose, medium and tight curls
  • Two unique heat settings
  • Unique design
  • Works for any hair length and type

  • Hair getting stuck. There have been very few reports of hair getting caught in this curler, but I have not had that problem. I believe these reviewers may not have followed the directions as they should have and perhaps this is why it is happening. Personally, I have had nothing but success with this problem and so has everyone else that I have used it on. I am very satisfied with the results that I am getting!best hair curler 2019

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Miracurl

Perhaps the most unique feature of the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Miracurl Steamtech Professional Curl Machine is the fact that it comes with what they call the MiraCurl SteamTech. This steam option has afforded me incredibly defined curls as promised, and this is the setting that I find myself using the most. I also enjoy that this option seems to hydrate my hair rather than to dry it out as most curlers seem to. I have even noticed that I can hold my curls for almost an entire day–yes, even when I sleep!

Two Heaters

BaBylissPRO curl machineThe BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Miracurl Steamtech Professional Curl Machine also features an additional heater outside of the standard single heater that I usually find in my hair curlers. This feature has given me a more defined, evenly heated curl as it surrounds every inch of the hair that I’m actively using. The curls that these dual heaters provide me with are shiny, fresh, and clean looking and built to last even the longest instances of wear.

Brushless Motor

Not only do my curls last a long time, but the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium itself is also on a course to last even longer. It features a brushless motor that is built to last up to 25 times longer than conventional styling motors. It has a low vibration that I can barely feel, making this a super comfortable experience. It is electronic and works around any fluctuations in voltage so that my hair doesn’t get unevenly heated in certain spots, which is wonderful. The whole thing is super lightweight and easy to hold. What happens is the hair gets gently fed into the Nano Titanium curl chamber, powered by the said motor. There it is held and heated for the perfect amount of time and then released, giving me ultra-silky curls. If hair is about to get caught and jam up the curler, an automatic stop feature kicks in to ensure the protection of your hair.

Customization Options

The BaBylissPRO Nano also affords me precise control over a number of factors, including the temperature, time that it curls, motor control for exact styling and even curl direction. This means I can give myself loose, wavy hair, soft spirals, super defined curls and more. This unit even tells me when it is time to release the curls so that I don’t accidentally overheat or fry my hair and I find that feature extra handy as I often get distracted or I’m trying to do two things at a time.

Instant Heat Up Time

Finally, the BaBylissPRO Miracurl heats up instantaneously! This is great for me because I am a busy person and like to shave off as much time as possible from my beauty routine in the morning or when going out at night. This curler heats up to an impressive 450 degrees Fahrenheit right away and delivers long-lasting curls in quick succession. I take this with me on business trips because it is nice and compact and gets hot so fast that I can enjoy a few extra minutes of precious sleep in the morning.

  • Automatic stop feature for unjamming hair should it get stuck
  • Brushless motor
  • Dual-heaters for wrap-around, even heating
  • Ergonomic
  • Extremely long lasting curls; up to 24 hours of hold
  • Instant heat up time of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Long-lasting motor
  • Low vibration
  • Steam option that hydrates hair and gives it better curl formation abilities
  • Ultra lightweight

  • The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium comes at a bit of a steeper price than I often see for hair curlers.BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium

Remington CI9538 Styling Wand

The first thing that I want to mention about the Remington CI9538 is that it is extremely well built. Even holding it in my hand without examining its makeup, I can feel its solid construction. Upon further inspection, it is clear that this is a top quality wand through and through. It is made with a high-tech ceramic that has genuine pearl infused with it to give it a gleaming and smooth heating surface that heats up each part of the curl evenly. Even heating is imperative to a natural-looking curl that doesn’t have crimps or straight parts in it that make my hair look bad. It also never snags the locks I am curling and provides me with a smooth, clean gliding function every time. This ceramic coating heats up impeccably fast to deliver multiple curl sizes, reminding me of time spent in a salon but without spending all of the money that comes with that fresh-out-of-the salon look. This leads me to my next point on these hot tools, whirl trio curling wands.

Great Heating Features

Remington CI9538The Remington CI9538 is reminiscent of salon quality styling tools. It can heat up in a mere 30 seconds. This is great for me, again, because I often don’t have much time to get ready before I need to be at my next business meeting or dinner; however, I do have time to wait a short 30 seconds! With this fast heat-up time comes the ability for it to heat up to a total of 410 degrees Fahrenheit. I have found that having such a high heat to go up to lends me exceptionally defined and long-lasting curls that stay in all day long. While I am using the Remington CI9538, it shuts off after an hour. This is wonderful because if I accidentally leave it on as I’m heading to work, I don’t have to panic during my commute wondering if I left it on and if I am going to have a burned down house when I return home. Overall, the heating functions on this wand are exceptional.

Versatile Styling

Another thing that I fell in love with upon using the Remington CI9538 is that it gives me diverse style options! Using the digital display which is very easy to read, I can alter the heat or curl size using the equally as legible digital controls. As stated, I am able to choose the size of my curls ranging from 1 inch in thickness to 1.5 inches, which is plenty of versatility for me. This professional-grade curling wand allows me to do so thanks to its cone-shaped design.

Heat resistant glove

Something that I believe is very thoughtful of the company behind the Remington CI9538 to do is to include this heat-resistant glove accessory. Nothing is more unnerving or uncomfortable than feeling the heat of the hot iron getting close to your hand, or the fear that one slip up means a scalding blister on your dominant hand that you have to work around and deal with for a week or more. This heat-resistant glove protects me from burning myself in the sleepy hours of the early morning, and I can feel virtually no warmth through the glove while I use it, even if I accidentally touch the hottest part of the wand.

  • 3- second heat up time
  • 60-minute auto shut off feature for safety
  • Ceramic and pearl-infused heating wand
  • Choose curl size from 1 inch to 1.5 inches in size
  • Cone-shaped design lends versatile styling options
  • Easy to read digital display
  • Evenly heated curls
  • Includes a heat-resistant glove with safety in mind
  • Reaches temperatures up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Simple to use digital controls
  • Sturdy, salon quality composition
  • Ultra inexpensive hair curler

  • Slippery wand. I have seen a few reports of the cone-shaped wand of the Remington CI9538 T|Studio Salon Collection Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand not holding onto certain types of hair. I have had no problem with this, personally. I have thick, straight hair and it works fine on mine. I’ve also used it on a family member with medium length, thin hair and it worked excellently for her as well. I wonder if perhaps these reviewers simply aren’t leaving the hair in place long enough for it to work correctly.Remington CI9538 TStudio

Final Verdict

I have chosen the: Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret

as the standout hair curler for me out of the bunch. I love its unique design and the way it takes over the curling part of my hair; I no longer have to spend time wrapping it around the wand as it does so for me. It produces a selection of curl types depending on what I am feeling that day and leaves my hair shining and healthy looking. It is moderately priced, too, and I feel great about owning this powerful hair curler.

Benefits of Buying a Hair Curler

– Choose the way your hair looks. Some days you want straight and even, other days you want voluptuous curls. Owning a hair curler allows you to decide the way you look any day of the week.

– Speed. Curling irons are much swifter than using a straight, flat iron to do the trick. A curling iron saves time and energy on getting the perfect curl without you having to spend time on each individual loop by wrapping it through the flat iron over and over.

– Heat. In the same vein, curling irons also heat up not only much quicker than a flat iron but at a higher temperature as well. Oftentimes they will reach over 400 degrees Fahrenheit which is salon-quality heat!

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Hair Curler

– Budget. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to curling irons, but the same can be said with any beauty product. It is important to consider the features you are getting with each curling iron and calculate the value that these features translate to in terms of money.

– Ease of use. The whole point of using a curling iron is to deliver a swift, curly transformation to your locks, so get one that is simple to operate and is easy to hold.

– Save money at the salon. With a single purchase of a curling iron, you can save time and money heading to the beauty salon every single time that you want to leave the house with a head full of curls.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Hair Curler for Your Needs

– Choose one with a swift heat up time.

– Examine whether or not you need certain features that curling irons can supply.

– Choose one that heats up to a nice temperature to ensure long-lasting curls.

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